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    Originally posted by mrhappy View Post
    I can't say, I don't use the HS CC plugin and have not tried it since HS2. I wrote my own plugin for it that you can find on this board, you are welcome to try that if you are struggling and I don't have any issues reported (the Linux support is untested in mine if you use Linux).
    Thank you very much, sir. I'll take a look.

    IMHO, I'm not letting HS off the hook for this one. I have the pro version and these plugins are supposed to be supported.

    My experience so far is that if they struggle with the plugin, they just drop it or ignore it. My very first experience with HS2, I am primarily Insteon, was that they dropped supporting the insteon plugin shortly after I bought HS2 Pro. Thank goodness it was picked up by someone else and is now an awesome and supported plugin. My experience is with all of the 3rd party plugins is that they are good. That doesn't mean bug free, that's not realistic, but at least respond to bugs and fix them in a timely manner.
    - Tom



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      Good luck! It seems with things like Insteon, DSC, and now this plug-in, unless a few people raise a stink (as they did with the DSC plug-in -- apparently the recommendation originally from HST was to buy a third party plug-in), the bugs remain.

      That said, I would definitely call.


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        My Helpdesk Ticket

        (Posting here as I assume that this is still the place because HelpDesk is not working)

        I am getting a force close on all of my android 2.2/2.3 devices. It come up and seems to be getting to the point where it is trying to load the configuration and then closes. I uninstalled and reinstalled so that none of my config was there. I tried connecting to the demo server. I do have .91 beta of the hstouch server installed. What step can I take to help diagnose this and resolve this issue. Most of my tablets that I use for automation are at these versions -- all, but 2.

        Current Date/Time: 1/26/2016 7:45:16 PM
        HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
        Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate - Work Station
        System Uptime: 0 Days 9 Hours 11 Minutes 47 Seconds
        IP Address:
        Number of Devices: 239
        Number of Events: 151

        Enabled Plug-Ins Current Cost Global Cache HSTouch Server Insteon Thermostat Insteon Random weatherXML Z-Wave
        - Tom