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Program of PVR with infrared over internet??

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    Program of PVR with infrared over internet??

    Hi Guys,

    Have some x10 gear at home doing various stuff, and connected to my PC via CM-12 computer module.

    I have bought a DigiCrystal digital terrestial TV set top box n(PVR), with hard drive.

    I would like to be able to log onto my server at home, via the net, and start or program the PVR remotely to record a program.

    So, what's the best way??

    I gather I need an infrared transmitter in the room with the PVR, to transmit the codes to the PVR.

    So then, how do I then link this transmitter into the PC, and will Homeseer be able to interact and allow me to do the programming remotely??

    My motherboard has a IR header, so I could get an IR transmitter for it, then aim that at a IR extender... seems a lot of extras tho...

    So, ideas guys??

    The best bets are the Ocelot or the usb uirt. There are free HS plugins for both. The Ocelot is more expensive but can be used to control other inputs with add on modules.


      Originally posted by Rupp
      The best bets are the Ocelot or the usb uirt. There are free HS plugins for both. The Ocelot is more expensive but can be used to control other inputs with add on modules.
      Hi Rupp,

      OK, had a look at the usb uirt.... looks like it will do what I want.

      I gather I can plug it in the PC and point at the PVR and it controls it, or I can point it at an IR extender, and have the other half of the extender pointed at the PVR (which is what I will have to do as PC and PVR in different rooms)

      (the ideal solution would be a IR extender that also has a usb interface into a computer, or strait RF transmitter to the other half of an IR extender)

      OK, had a look in the HS add-ins and couldnt find a plug-in direct for it. Is there one, or do I need to use something like HSGirder in Home seer??

      Then, with either installed, will I be able to log onto my HS page (like I can now), and then program a start/stop time and channel for the PVR??

      Thanks for ya help


        There is a plugin for the USB-UIRT somewhere and hopefully someone will chime in. It needs to be put in the updater if it isn't already. Then you'll need as you discussed and IR extender. I use the powermids for this and I have excellent success with these. Some have had problems though. Then you can set up an ir device in HS to send the desired commands.


          Hi Moby,
          I have an ocelot connected to homeseer with 16Zone IR modules. I have TV, Tuner, DVD, TiVO etc all connected to it. It can take a while to have the Ocelot learn all the codes and get homeseer configured for the devices. Once done, you have full control over everything. It looks like you have settled on the urit, but if you start getting serious and controlling many IR devices, the ocelot's great.



            Hi there

            Perhaps check out this looks like the author sends the plugin via email. Also it seems usb-uirt was designed with girder in mind so could be worth the purchase at $20 US I think





              another way


                OK, seen a few ideas.

                My motherboard has IR headers, so if I was to put in the IR backplate, could that be used for the IR interface to the computer? Or is there no homeseer plugins to suit it??


                  The mainboard ir not supported other devices (tv,sat,etc), only IrDA standard communications worked.


                  The digicrystal support from pc rs232 cable control. see the tech docs
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