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  • Aussie 1 wire

    Does anyone know someone who sells 1 wire gear in Australia??

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    A quick Google found:

    Arrow Electronics distribute Dallas/Maxim semiconductors

    You can also get a good service from AAG Electronica in the USA. Use the US postal service option as it is cheap and quick (to the UK at least).


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      Hey Andy,

      Let me know how it goes, I've been meaning to have a look at the 1 wire stuff to do more temp sensor work. They also have a temp and light sensor which could come in handy.


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        I have 4 temperature sensors which run very well and reliably.

        I also currently have two 1-wire DS2405 switches connected to a temp08 driving relays controlling garden lighting ( located 45 metres away from the temp08 ). I use mcstemperature to control and monitor the whole thing. I am intending on adding another 15 or so DS2405 switches for further lighting control.

        I have used "The Link" as well, and found that very fast for switching control.

        I have noticed that the "Link" 1-wire adaptor has disappeared from the aag web site.


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          1-wire tangent US comments

          I currently use TEMP05 & TEMP08.

          Using TEMP05 for numerous Temperature & Temperature-Humidity sensors.
          Using TEMP08 for AAG Weather station, lightning detector, rain guage and a couple of temperature sensors.

          Wish list device: 1-wire barometer (using a glass tube now - antique)

          Currently have TEMP05 set up for inside of the house and TEMP08 for outside.

          Also using MCSTemperature plugin for TEMP08 and a generic script for TEMP08 readings.

          Also utilize a few Omni Pro II temperature/Humidity sensors in addition to 1-wire.

          Been using 1-wire devices since I first read about them.
          - Pete

          Auto mator
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          HS4 Pro - V4.0.5.0 - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e 64 bit Intel Kaby Lake CPU - 32Gb - Mono 6.8X
          HS4 Lite -

          X10, UPB, Zigbee, ZWave and Wifi MQTT automation. OmniPro 2, Russound zoned audio, Smartthings hub, Hubitat Hub, and Home Assistant


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            hi all have a look at the dallas web site,i got a usb interface and a few sensors for nothing, niko


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              You may be able to get two sensors free from Dallas. I managed to get for free two of their DS18S20 1 wire digital Thermometer.
              Just go on their website for more details etc.
              You may also be able to order direct if you require more.


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                Thanks!! I had no idea Dallas gave out samples like that....very handy for what I needed. Thanks again


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                  Those weather station units look pretty cool. Is anyone here in Oz using something similar? I would like to measure wind speed, direction, temp & humidity. A rain gauge woudl be nice too (-:



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                    I use a Davis Weather Wizard 3 interfaced to homeseer using a program called Weather Display. Also, a range of AAG Electronica sensors and 1-wire temp sensors which I got as free samples from Dallas...great value!!




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                      I have been looking at a LaCrosse wireless weather station. Has anyone heard if they are any good?


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                        Slam, I also run the Weather Display software for a weather system. You will find a wealth of information on different weather system devices and 1-wire solutions by cruising their site. Here's the link


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                          Which sensors did you use from Dallas? I'm just about to shop around for a weather wizard, seems there are only a handful of suppliers here in Australia selling them! Did you just get the basic unit or did you get one of the complete systems?



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                            Hey Scott

                            The samples I ordered from Dallas were the DS18S20 - 1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer. I think they sent me 2 free samples but it complimented the aag sensors I already had.

                            In regards to the Weather Wizard, check out this supplier in Melbourne. Its where I bought mine and the price has not moved in about 3 years. This package is a complete package which includes the rainfall collector. Note that the Weather Wizard does not do humidity or barometric pressure which is why I bought the 1-wire gear. The link is:


                            Remember also that to interface to programs like Weather Display you will need to buy the Weatherlink interface which is where things start to get a bit pricey. This interface alone is AU$286. Here is the link:


                            Hope this helps




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                              Thanks Andy,
                              Ouch, that extra software cost makes it quite exxie! I'm now seriously considering one of the Lacrosse units as they are much cheaper. I'm not sure I would get the value out of the Davis unit )-: I will dig a bit deeper into the 1 wire solution as well, I have received a couple of samples from Dallas but not the sensor you used, I will have to try and wangle a couple of those as well. At the end of the day I will just be using the weather station to measure rain and keep track of temp & humidity so I suppose the cheapie will suffice. If I win the lotto I will lash out and get a vantage wireless <g>.