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    I have been using a WM918 for about three years for a similar usage that you need. I was lucky one year DSE had them half price on runout. You may find some on ebay or elsewhere. I have also been using Weather Display software with it as it has a serial port and is fully supported. So far have 3 years of data collected. Weather Display is an incredibly functional piece of software for the price with continuous free updates.

    Using a couple of Simple HS scripts to read the 14 values from a comma seperated datafile that Weather display exports/writes to disk into 14 HS variables. (this is WD specific but works with any hardware connected to WD software)

    An alternative, if you use Xap, is WD can send the values out with XaP and using the Xap plugin in HS they are imported directly to HS variables.

    Either way,I then have the ability to trigger all sorts of stuff in HS based on temp and rain values etc. Works well.




      Thanks guys,

      After much deliberation I decided to get an AAG unit. I have ordered it from the USA but it will take 5-6 weeks to arrive, if it survives the trip! I know the accuracy of these stations may be slightly less than the Davis etc. But at least they are well documented, use a common interface, and seem relatively cheap (ran out to $260 Australian). I'm looking forward to getting it all up and running (-:


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