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    Howdy Peeps,

    I'm in Brisvegas and have started ramping up my X10 / Homeseer installation. Seems to be working Ok but I'm having problems getting support from envioustechnology with some of the trickier components )-: Also still having issues with signal strength, just can't seem to get the lower part of the house to work properly even though it's all on the same phase. Will have to do some signal sucker detection soon as it's getting quite frustrating!




      Hey Scott,

      What component problems do you have?

      If you don't have a repeater, GET ONE! I've been very lazy and the only reason most of my stuff works is due to the repeater. This weekend I'm doing the whole signal sucker testing as something(s) are draining my signal badly, but the repeater is just enough to keep everything working %99.
      The repeater is a SVX10 you can get from envious. I have the original ACT product called the CR204, but it's the same thing.




        Hi Ross,

        I'm trying to configure a TB234 six channel transmitter. I have made up a few relay circuits that close a contact when the front door or front gate prox readers open a door. I also have reed switches on some doors and an IR beam across the driveway (you have to love the stuff you find in your shed). The instructions may as well have been written in Swahili. I have ordered a SVX10 and will pop it behind my switch board so it's central.





          I don't have a Tb234, but I'm used to the ACT gibberish as I have lots of other ACT stuff.
          What problems are you having with it? Can you set the addresses by holding down the service button for 3 seconds and sending the address?



            Hi Ross,

            Instructions are as follows:

            "Setting Each Address - Always configure the addresses first. Send two addresses to the TB234 that are separated by at least six zero crossings. The TB234 will acknowledge with flashes of the service LED. The number of flashes corresponds to the number of the input being configured. Six inputs must be configured for six unique addresses."

            I'm not sure how I send anything to it as I have yet to give it an address or house code etc.

            Clear as mud.


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              With most ACT stuff you set the address the same way, put it into "programming mode" then send the code you want the device to have twice (with a 1 to 2 second delay between codes) then the LED will flash X times.

              Press the service button on the TB234, then send "F5 ON" twice. The LED should flash. The first address should be F5 now.
              What you might need to do with the TB234 is set all the addresses at once. So as soon as you put it in programming mode it might clear everything. This means you may not be able to set the address of the 3rd relay by itself. You may have to transmit A1ON A1ON (to set the first address again) B2ON B2ON (2nd address) C3ON C3ON etc etc

              The TB234 may need everything on the same house code, but I don't know.

              What ACT mean by "Always configure the addresses first" generally means if you try and set options for the address, you need to set the address first, then the option.

              Hope this helps..



                Scott, did you work this out? Did you get it programmed?


                  Sorry for not getting back to you Ross. I have had a bash at it but mucked it up, will tackle it again later this week and report back (-:


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                    Hi am also in Oz, have been using HS1.7 and 1 wire / Parallel port to control relays, contacts/switchs and temps.

                    I have been thinking of getting one the i/o boards you talked about but I have a few questions.

                    1. is the plugin HS1.7 compatable or HS2 or both.

                    2. how many boards can the plugin control

                    3. I need to interface some contact closures (switchs) with HS. have tried 1-wire but it is not reliable( OK for temp but contact and relay have some issues). How do you interface with the board you use.?

                    4. where can I get a copy of the plugin to have a look at and will it allow me to have a poke around with out haveing a board pluged in?



                      Hi Heff

                      Good to hear of more users active in OZ ! The elexol boards work very well and Phil has done a good job in getting them to work on HS. I think Phil had some great plans for the plugin however he's involved with lots of other stuff and I'm not sure if he's going to continue...

                      I use it here with 4 boards and its rock solid. That would potentially give me a combination of 4x24 ins n outs ;-)

                      As I mentioned to Phil a few nights ago, I'm very surprised HS hasn't incorporated a solid digital I/O, I tell ya I had x10 here for a while and I almost got thrown out of the house with it !

                      I've had a few stability issues with HS recently and have decided to migrate the I/O onto my ELK alarm and concentrate on the ELK plugin instead. I've just purchased a few more I/O boards and having a few days off work to get the pool/spa hooked up to it and my pergola/outdoor lights.

                      If you are keen which there should be NO reason you're not, send PSAMPSON a MSG and see if he sends you the plugin. Should be no reason why he wont. If you cant get in touch, I can send you my OCX and ini file and give you a driving lesson. If you then want to get some bits, I may be able to sell you some cheaper than buying from elexol. As I said, Phil's I/O is 100% rock solid, its jsut HS that has burnt me a few times and hence my moving of I/O onto the ELK.



                        EtherIO 24 plugin


                        I have responded your PM. BTW, the EtherIO 24 plugin ocx is not openly available, and I would appreciate anyone who would like a copy to get it directly from me as a courtesy. The source is not open. It may be productized in the future. Just send me a PM if you wish to try/use it.

                        It does not need .NET and I use it on HS 2.x. The fact that it creates 96 devices on one housecode would probably preclude it from working on HS 1.7 which has a limit of 64. I took the decision when HS2 became capable of 99.

                        You can install the ocx and HS2 will discover it, and create the devices for all the bits for 4 cards (24x4) and create the self describing hspi_EIO24.ini file which has 4 dummy IP addresses, and will allow you to see how all the bits can be defined as in/out/schmidt/ttl/cmos etc. You will see the devices in HS for each bit and can set/reset their status or test their device status on/off. The EtherIO24 will follow in 10s of milliseconds.

                        To de-install. delete the 96 devices in HS2, shutdown HS2, rename the OCX to off_hspi_EIO24.ocx or delete it, and delete the ini file if desired. Restart HS.

                        Some more detail in the PM. No "official" docs.




                          I am one of the many OZ users in this forum, new to HA (last few years) but since i built a new house i got to install some goodies in the form of X10 wall switch devices so that has been great fun.

                          Otherwise using motion sensors, door switches and a few other bits and peices as well as TTS mainly.
                          HS3 PRO, Win10, WeatherXML, HSTouch, Pushover, UltraGCIR, Heaps of Jon00 Plugins, Just sold and about to move so very slim system.

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                            Hi all,

                            Id be interested in some more details on the Ethernet DIO boards, anyone have a link?

                            Thank you