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Purchasing Homeseer in Oz

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  • Purchasing Homeseer in Oz

    Hi all,
    im still running on trial version off homeseer.If the computer doesnt crash it keeps going past the trail date.however i want to purchase the real thing.ordered through SAS automation listed at $165 there saying $378. just wondering were others purchased hs and what they paid.Still waiting to here back from sas as to the final price,

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    I saw a reference to HS at EON3's website, but considering their total lack of feedback on the many questions I have asked them, I decided NOT to support them, and purchased HS direct from HST's website.

    Pentium 3 1.4 GHz,512 MB RAM,HS PCI Modem
    8 port Serial IO,Ocelot w/ 8 I/O
    CADDX NX-8, NX584, NX507
    Temp05 One-Wire interface
    2 x PVR250 MPEG2 encoder cards
    Win 2000 Srv, Metaframe
    HS 1.6.x,HSP 2.x,ATT Mike16,Audrey16,Charles16,mcs Temperature,DooMotion,DooNetwork,HSTV


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      David, I too have sent many emails to EON3 with no response. I even contemplated placing an order whereby they would have to ring me for my credit card details just so I could make them realise what poor service they're offering !!

      And have you compared EON3s prices ? They are all excluding GST which makes Dick Smith cheap ! Shame we can't purchase all the modules from DSE.

      I can't seem to find Homeseer on EON3s site anymore.

      niko, do SAS have a web site or did they quote you $165 ? Either way to say its $378 is ludicrous as you can purchase online from HS web site for $210 AUD !!!

      My 30 day trial ran out and I have yet to decide whether to pay $210 or keep using Housebot (free). Housebot doesn't offer as much functionality but I know I won't be using over 40% of what HomeSeer has to offer.

      Decisions, decisions, decisions


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        total lack of feedback from Eno3 as well

        where else can we go.

        nz prices are just a over kill

        Appliance Module $113 nz
        DIN-rail Dimmer w light swirch $135 nz

        I just download program (at work and brunt the cd) and sent my visa number to homeseer and got the key that nigth I think that was 2 year ago

        if i was you would keep with HS
        this message borad is help line
        post a problem go sleep and the next morning
        problem fix. The only way to fix a problem just sleep on it LOL

        StePhan McKillen

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          just to let everyone no sas has checked up and is selling me homeseer for about 200 aus $.It mite take a while but these guys do try there best to help you out. they do get there stock thru eon3 so possibly this nis the problem.


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            EON3 have been around now for some time - it appears they have "exclusive" rights to X10 in OZ - & they have done very little until recently to help promote X10 locally - indeed they have for 2+ years effectively squashed x10 from taking off locally... & even now it appears they are content to rip of local consumers, no wonder that DSE & others have been so reluctant to become more heavily involved!!
            Maybe DSE or another retailer can convince X10 that EON3 are killing the local market & get RID OF THEM!


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              got my copy of homeseer today!!! purchased from SAS automation ,melbourne vic (03 88102015) these guys do get most of there stuff thru eon3 but they are very helpfull and have told me to let you all know there happy to supply you with your home automation gear.


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                and it been

                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
                The Referral Program is currently being Updated
                and will be back online shortly.

                We apologise for any inconvenience

                been like this for well over a year

                can some give me the sas address
                as i'm flying over there in jan 2004 with a empty visa card

                StePhan McKillen

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                  The address is

                  1927 Malvern Rd
                  Malvern East
                  VIC 3145

                  (03) 9886 0000

                  As far as I know the shop is only open on Saturday mornings.


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                    do SAS have an online catalogue, web site or similar?
                    Im assuming from the comments they have broader range than DSE? & presumably comparable on $


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                      Thats one day down now just to full the rest of the holiday LOL

                      StePhan McKillen

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