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Some info on EON3's LM12 Lamp Module

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  • Some info on EON3's LM12 Lamp Module

    Just so everyone is aware, the LM12 module that EON3 sells is the Australian version of the LM465 modules sold by for US$~13.
    Well, they are actually made by a company called marmitek, but they are functionally equivalent to the LM465.

    The LM12 is not a two-way module, eg it cannot be queried for it's status. But the BIG issue is when you DIM this device, it goes to %100 FIRST, then dims DOWN to what you want.

    Start with the device off.
    Send it DIM TO %50
    The LM12 turns ON the device (%100), waits about 1-2 seconds, then DIMS it down to %50.

    Now, from %50, send a DIM to %20.
    The LM12 once again, goes to %100 then dims down to %20.

    It's a bit useless to use this to turn a lamp on at night when I detect motion in a room if I'm going to be blinded by the light first, then it goes down to %40.

    Anyone want to buy some lamp modules?


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    Aside from the drawbacks you have mentioned,
    The Modules can still be made to work nicely if you have homeseer controlling them.
    As you have found, they are only "Standard Dim"
    If you wish to dim them from HS in an event soas they just Dim Or Bright from their current State,
    Use "Relative" dim Commands.
    I've done Entire houses with modules that have the same spec. If you never turn them off , Only Dim to 0 , You can achieve a "Soft" start.


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      Hi Barry,

      Do you have some sample code on doing this?




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        Can Do.
        I've done it a few ways.
        1/ Processing Everything thru a script
        2/ Using Homeseer standard Events.

        If you are only doing 1 or 2 lights, It's pretty easy with Standard Events.The Key.. If you haven't realised , is to NOT have the PIR's directly control the light.

        If you send or post what you want to achive, I'll cobble something together for ya.

        The Info I would need would be.
        Times the lights are allowed to be on.
        Total time req to be on after no detection
        HC UC of lights and PIR's.
        What mode the PIR's are set to.
        What type .. If any of Other control Used to operate the lights.. I.E Do you manually (without X10) turn them on/off.


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          Just after some very simple code to "Fake" soft DIM on these modules.

          Problem I have, is whenever I "DIM" to any value, It'll go to %100 pecent first. So how do you do "relative diming"?




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            If The Module is OFF, It will allways goto Max First.
            Never Turn It OFF only Dim to 0
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              Durrr... Ok.. My excuse is I'm new..