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Anyone using C-Bus?

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  • Anyone using C-Bus?

    Is anyone using a stuctured wiring system like C-Bus?

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    Yes, I am in the process of installing it in my new home at the moment. C-BUS is an important part of the larger PC based home automation system currently being assembled (for audio, alarm, video...). I decided on C-BUS as the equipment is relatively easy to obtain, my sparky was keen to give it a go, the hardware design & network protocols look to be very reliable unlike X.10 and it should enhance resale of the house. Major reason for choosing C-BUS is that Clipsal make the protocol between the PC used to control/program and the C-BUS network available if you sign their license agreement (similar to software license agreement) that will enable me to integrate the PC based automation system with C-BUS.

    The software interface is a bit clunky but the automation features are quite powerful, its clear that this system can handle very large installations & commercial applications. I am installing approx 250 lights on 50 circuits so there is a bit of work involved. I have 8 circuits working to date and am reasonably impressed to date, it will certainly make lighting changes easy in the future. I'd also recommend looking at Clipsal's new light switches "Saturn" which look very nice & have a soft blue glow when active.

    The costs are high, factor on an installation cost of $300 per circuit depending what switch & relay combinations are used.



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      Hey deandob,
      You are having a go at it thats for sure. You maybe interested to know that Clipsal have several software packages that require no signing of any agreements, the agreements are usually reserved for protocol commercial in confidence agreements. I would recommend you check out Shedule+. Version 2 is a couple of weeks from release and I can vouch for its powerful interface. There are others as well all based on the C-gate protocol. Version 3 of the C-Bus software is also iminent for release and it will be a welcome addition.

      As for the reliablity of C-bus, its bullet proof is an understatment.

      Your network seems to be up there with system units. I would suggest you keep the unit number below 80 units. If you go over 80 then add a network bridge and split it up. I'm certain you will have issues if you don't.

      Saturn switches are finally in full swing production after many problems with the glass backings having a a very high rejection rate. They come in 2, 4 and 6 key configurations, pity there is no 1 key.

      As for $300 per circuit i'm not sure how you arose at that number but then again I'm not sure what your implying. Suffice to say your happy which is a good thing. Hope it all goes well for you.



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        Please post back when C-Bus v3 is available. I will end up with about 50 units on a network which should be OK.

        Regarding the software, I am more interested in the RS-232 protocol than any C-BUS PC software. Clipsal make decent (although a little overpriced) hardware but as far as software goes they have a long way to go (BTW I work in the software industry). I will make my home grown software work with the network protocol in an integrated fashion using other Windows software I am using/writing rather than using Clipsal software that wont integrate with my other automation systems.

        Regarding $300 per unit, this is the average price I have come up with for my installation, and I figure I am doing it as cheaply as I can by organising it myself, programming it myself and using my sparky for the mains connections. So far so good.



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          I'll keep you posted when C-Bus 3 is available. CIS have invested in some serious software engineers of late.

          You won't be disappointed.



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            Version 3 available August


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              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Himself:
              Version 3 available August <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Is this version likely to be free from Clipsal's website? Also, I'm using Minder GUI software Revision 3.0.2 for my Minder unit. Is there a later version of this software available?

              I would have posted this on your site ( but I haven't been able to register successfully.


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                Hi Rahl,
                Yes Version 3 C-Bus will be available for download from the Clipsal site

                The latest Version of Minder is currently 4.04


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                  So has anyone actually got HS talking to C-Bus yeat and if so would they care to post a quick summary?
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