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    Security Systems

    Hi All,

    Currently i use the ACRF plugin with DS10A's and Motion sensors to control the house, I am looking at putting in a proper alarm system though to provide a greater level of security, and eventually change the X10 modules to Z-Wave.

    I am wondering if anyone here uses an alarm system that they have linked into the homeseer system, and their thoughts. I am interested in Australian perspectives, and where it was purchased from so i can determine if it would be suitable, cost and if it can be intergrated.

    I would ideally like the system to operate as an alarm standalone but still be able to interface into homeseer so I can see the zones that are triggered etc. That way if homeseer goes down the alarm still functions.

    It does not need autodialers etc, but having smoke alarms capiable of being intergrated would be an added bonus.
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    I've purchased but yet to install an Elk M1G, which is sold in Aust by Ness "Ness M1 Gold", also the Ness M1-XEP which is used to make the device available on the network. Once its networked there are various plugins that can allow communication between HS and your M1 panel.