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    Just a quick post to say hi to the community as this is my first post here. I have been putting off buying a home controller for 12 months whilst I researched what I really wanted and needed. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am in the process of building a new extension on my kitchen (30m2) and wanted to put smart lighting in. I have a lot of Hue throughout the house, which the wife loves, but after working out how much 30 Philips Hue GU10s were going to cost, I baulked. I decided that Zwave modules on the 7 lighting circuits (2 external and 5 internal) were a much better option. This has kind of forced my decision to buy a Zwave controller. I have looked at everything from Indigo, Vera, Homey, Fibaro etc and decided that after months of musing and lots of reading, Homeseer met most of my needs, so I bit the bullet and purchased an HS3 licence.
    I wouldn't call myself a total novice to HA, I have done some programming on various platforms throughout my 30 years of tinkering with Comfort / X10 etc but its been a while.
    I learned very early on with home technology of any sort, if SWMBO cant use it easily, I am fighting a losing battle (I have rooms full of junked kit, including Windows Home Servers (x2), network media players, X10 kit and tons of other gadgets) I am hoping that HS3 will be stable enough that she will be happy with it automating things in the background seamlessly. Time will tell..........

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    Welcome to the forum! You'll find a very helpful and friendly community here.


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      Hi Mushii, one of the advantages of HS3 is that you can still use a lot of your older HA equipment with it. I still have X10 and BBSB equipment working here. I use X10 KR22 rf remotes to switch z-wave lighting. HS3 is the Swiss army knife of HA !


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        Welcome, Mushii. If HomeSeer doesn't do something you need, there are always scripts to help. It is very powerful once you realize how you need to do things inside the system, though, so start a new thread when you find something you want to do but can't figure out. This board has been helpful to me for many years.
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