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Virgin modem with Way2Call ?

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    Virgin modem with Way2Call ?

    Hi all,

    When I swapped over from Sky broadband/phone to Virgin cable broadband/phone, I tried my existing Way2Call HS3 setup with the Virgin phone (Virgin phone line plugs into the Docsis modem), and it didn't work. It has been disconnected for a year, but now I am getting spam calls.

    Does anybody know if the Way2Call should work with a Virgin phone modem ?

    If it does, then my wife's Win10 server may find a copy of HS2 on it, as HsPhone clearly doesn't work with HS4...

    Well this really became an issue today. I received NINE calls from seemingly OK random UK numbers, and they all stated they were from "Virgin broadband" and they all wanted to log into my modem due to my ongoing speed issues with broadband. Well I may be the only person in the UK that actually gets the advertised 350Mbps, so I wondered if they could be the SCAMMER SCUM FROM INDIA that plague our great international phone system and try to empty your bank account. Well Yes is the answer to that one. There are no issues with my system; I checked with Virgin to be sure.

    Since they are faking UK Caller ID, they can't be blocked by the standard Virgin response of stopping withheld numbers, and being international, they don't care that I am TPS registered, that this is an ex-directory number, or that I have never given this number to anybody. It's for emergencies only nowadays.

    One of them actually hung up on me when I said I was waiting for a call from Scammers from India on the other line. There is no other line of course, but it made me smile.

    I have today sent a query to Way2Call regarding the HD00USGR02 and a Docsis 3.0 modem. Since I have the SAME phone plugged in as I did with the Sky analogue phone line, I thought this might just work when I originally tried it. There are other methods of blocking scam/spam calls, but most involve a different plug in box and a subscription. Uurgh.

    My home phone line is presently unplugged. That makes me very angry towards thieving scum from anywhere in the world. As we used to say in Mansfield before political correctness took over, I wouldn't urinate on these gentlemen even if they were on fire



      Weekend testing:

      Test 1: Plugged Way2call to Docsis3 modem. Installed USB drivers and plugged Way2call usb in to second server. Ran Way2call test program and all OK. Dialled test number and it rang mobile phone. Looking good.
      Test 2: Installed Hs2 for Hsphone goodness. Does it have it? Nope. Installed Hs2 Pro. There it is. Does my Hs2 licence work. Oh crap. Support emailed.
      Test 3: One for next weekend, plug house phone back in and sort out Fred's magical Whitelist script if it works with Hs2.

      More next weekend. Same place, similar time.


        I am still using two W2C boxes today. One is connected to my VOIP Ooma box and the other to a CPE wireless modem.

        PM'd you.
        - Pete

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          Thanks for that Pete,

          I didn't get a response from Way2Call yet, but today I plugged the house phone back in to the Way2Call, and the original 2019 failure (no dial tone) has gone. HSPhone appears to be working. Just need to get those cables off of the garage floor before the Missus trips over them.

          More testing required, but I think I now have a working HS2 solution that just needs a few tweaks

          And no monthly subscription costs !

          I'm wondering if the difference is which Way2Call box I plugged in. I have three (Ebay finds), a mixture of HD00USGR01 and HD00USGR02.



            A good start to the weekend. Testing is complete. Whitelisting is once again operational with the script from ITguyHS (Thank you Fred) and a copy of HS2 on my wife's media server. If a number isn't in my Homeseer HSPhone directory, the house phones don't ring. If it is, they do ring. Either way, they get the "Press 1 to leave a message" option.

            Now I can set it up to email me the MP3 file if anybody DOES leave a message.

            I just need to get those long telephone cables off of the garage floor now