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Geovision - GVIO integration

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  • Geovision - GVIO integration

    Hi Folks

    I am looking at buying Homeseer for home use.

    I currently have Geovision and GVIO for device control, and now want MORE control, hence Homeseer.

    Has anyone used the GVIO devices with Homeseer? I would prefer to be able to move them over to Homseer rather than buy ALL new kit!

    The GVIO is a RS485 device, so was looking to see if I could find a command reference as i am sure that an interface for homeseer could be built if it has not been done already.

    For those not familiar with geovision, the GVIO is a nice and easy 8 input and 16 output controller - plain old switching on/off only.

    Any help or guidance is much appreciated!

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    Welcome to HomeSeer!

    I haven't heard of the GVIO devices, but if you can control it through a serial port, then its fairly straightforward to control it from HomeSeer



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      Thanks for the welcome Michael!

      The GV-io is serial - RS485 with a converter from RS 232.... like most things CCTV its all 485!

      I emailled Geovision, but they said "Engineering" would not allow release of the command reference... which is a bit naff.... so I guess I will need to get the breakout box out and piggy back on the serial cable to see what commands are issued...

      I am looking for a simple box of tricks that will let me set relays and also say 8 inputs (simple 0/1) - any suggestions if the GV does not prove worthwhile?



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        For simple (and low cost) input, there is the gameport plugin, see: This is reckoned to be fast too.

        I use an Ocelot, which does the job extremely well, but they are a bit expensive in the UK - look at it as an investment. Some of the options are discussed here:


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          At this site a free Serial Monitor is available.



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            Bert - what a find!

            I wish I had found that years ago!!!

            That really will save me a lot of hassle.... THANK YOU!

            Have you chaps seen this?


            Wonder how easy that would be to integrate to homeseer.....?

            Michael - I completely overlooked the good old gameport... you cant get any cheap than that! - Thanks,....



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              The serial port monitor at that link looks like it is priced at $49.99 instead of free. There is a free serial port monitor called portmon that is free and works well to see what bytes are comming and going on the serial port.
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                Sorry couldn't find the free version either at the hdd site.

                download it from here:


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                    GV integration

                    Hi Ted...

                    I am a seasoned Geovision user, having been through four cards and versions since 5.0.... for what its worth!

                    I have GVIO plus the relay boxes.

                    I am using it just now to monitr things like the house alar, smoke detectors etc, with geovision providing emails/alerts when inputs are sensed. I also have external lights connected.

                    I looked at Homeseer over a year ago, but never got around to doing anything with it.

                    I am now looking forward to a long xmas holdiay, and hopefuly time to get homseer up and running!

                    I wanted to move over the GVIO to homseer, as I can make better use of the inputs/outputs, hence I was looking for a command reference for the GVIO.

                    I am going to play this afternoon and see what commands are used, and give them a try from Hyperterminal. Assuming that works fine, scripting it for homseer looks a doddle.

                    I bought a copy of Homseer from a collegue (1.6 I think - he did ot use it either!) but am wondering if a V2 upgrade is worthwhile... as a newbie, there does not seem to be much good writen about V2 over 1.7.... especially as they have changed as much as it stops previous apps working....

                    If you ar ebuying GVIO etc... checkout the later options - there are simple one card options now... plus, just buy a simple ebay rs485 converter for a tenner... dont bother with the real geovision model - mine died within 6 months of daily use!

                    I have not played much with the GVIO and geovisions GV "web site" - I did play, and just copied what geovision had done to support PTZ via IO....

                    Anyway - off for a play...



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                      I think you will find HS very good at doing things based on events like alarms or relays closing etc. You can get it to do almost anything if you have the correct gear.
                      I am still on ver 1.7 but will move to ver 2.0 as I believe it is much better and to be fair I think most of the plusigs now work with ver 2.0.
                      How do you deliver the vedio from your GV system? Do you have a screen in the house or do you have to go manually to view it. I was planning to install a touch screen in the kitchen and control (automate) the viewing of cameras based on events like "someone at the gate". GV does not seem to have this capability or is it just me and that I cant find it.

                      Anyway have fun with your new toys, and let us know how you get on.



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                        Hi Ted...

                        I currently have the output from the Geovision PC going to a modulator, so I have a dedicated channel on the TV that is piped through the house with the satellite etc, that way we can watch it anywhere.

                        I have geovision set so that it takes a few of the 16 cameras to full screen should anything trigger the motion detection, that way its easy to see detail on a normal TV.

                        I have the GV io working again after the serial converter giving up the ghost - just bought a cheap one from China (ebay) rather than buy another genuine geovision one... works as expected...

                        Tried the serial monitor - and yes, can see what going on.... will take a bit of time to decode the commands as there is so much chatter back and forth regardless of what geovision is up to. I guess it will be polling the inputs for change...



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                          I am new to Geovision with a new 1480 card as well as the RS-485 converter and the i/o card.

                          Has anyone made any progress decoding the serial protocol between the Geovision and their I/O card? I would love to connect the GV computer with a serial port directly to HS with the use of scripts or ideally with a plug-in.

                          Please let me know if anyone has made any progress, as not to reinvent the wheel.



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                            Well, yes and no....!

                            Yes, in as much that I have seen what goes on between the GVIO and the PC... it is just a set of hex bytes that is sent/recieved...

                            No, in that I have made no progress with the HS integration.

                            A serial monitor will show all, then just go set inputs/outputs etc. The Geovision polls the box every second or so... fairly rapid. I am sure you will see your cpu utilisation go up when you enable the box!



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                              Sorry to dredge up an ancient thread...

                              But I was wondering if you had success with integrating the GVIO into homeseer.

                              Or is there a better way? The Maxi-Bee is no longer available, BTW