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    Hey Michael D,

    I got it here now, so if you want to know anything about the device just ask.

    Sofar i disected the device and found out there is an atmel at91sam9261 cj as pumping hart. I dont have any knowledgement about microprocessors but there must be some one arround who can help out if honeywell doesn't.

    Here in holland it will be presented at the vsk fair in feb and then they will release some more information.

    i'll try to keep you updated.... else check this topic :
    where i posted some pictures from the inside of this device.

    The device uses a bootloader and as far i could find out until now it could run many os's even wince, linux or many others.

    PS: if some one orders a evotouch dont forget to order a docking station as they come seperate. ( kind of strange to me for a device that cant go with out )


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      it's been a while after your last post, by now you must be an experienced Evohome user
      I'm looking for a centrally controlled heating solution also, Evohome looks interesting.
      I've just bought a wireless Honeywell thermostat to replace my Chronotherm IV modulation thermostat, I'm not to pleased with it. A search for a modulation interface with Homeseer ended up with nothing. I don't want to invest too much money (again) in a solution that's not delivering as promised, so I was wondering if I have to replace all thermostat knobs with the Evohome controlled ones, or if I can start with replacing the knobs in the main living areas. If this is possible, then the Evohome has to do some modulated regulation on my CV, correct? The Honeywell site is unclear about this.

      furthermore, are you still pleased with the system?