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    Texecom protocol


    I'm still having problems. Instead of using \Z for status, I'm now trying \G for the log. I send \G0/, but I only get back one byte #182. If I send \G2#182/, I get "ERROR".

    Could you either publish or email me a copy of the relevant parts of the latest protocol ?



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      Hi Ian

      There is probably not a later version of the protocol document - that is what I was meaning re inconsistant. The \Z and \z implementation differs across panel version and firmware release.

      The\Z is really as described - with \Z startzone endzone / and works for me (well, I dont use it but it does work on a Premier 168 with V7 and V8 firmware).

      I think you will find the \z command is no longer supported if your panel is new - only the older code supports that from memory.

      So, to receive zone status for zones 9 to 16, send;

      5C 5A 08 08 2F

      This comprises \Z then 08 as a start zone and continue for 08 zones (and no checksum in that).

      You then need to disect the reply into the two bytes so you find out what the status of each bits within are indicating. To be honest, its only the lowest two bits of the low byte that are really interesting anyway.

      Your reply to \G0/ will be right - it only sends the LB1HB1 so the current log pointer is at (HB1*256)+LB1. Remember that the log pointer is a pointer into a rolling log, so low number does not mean its at the beginning of the log, its just where its at.

      The example below is correct and works for me:

      : To read log event at Log Address 500:

      LB1 = 500 as hex = 0x01F4; Lower Byte = 0xF4
      HB1 = 500 as hex =0x01F4; Higher Byte = 0x01

      \ G 2 0xF4 0x01 /

      As a last resort, if you send \G210/ what do you get? - this will at least prove the panel is speaking and may indicate is a problem with what you are sending.

      I trust you are sending in hex where appropriate and not decimal?

      One last thing - as that command receives real time zone info, you need to ensure you are polling and digesting the data quickly enough to catch the zone actually active.



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        Texecom protocol


        I've now succeeded in getting a daily emailed report from the panel. I'd be happy to publish the Delphi code (about 250 lines). Where do you suggest ?



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          Hi Ian

          I would suggest you speak to Jon as he kindly provides that service for the cause!



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            Texecom alarm panels


            Not sure if you're still following this thread but I've recently got a ComIP card for my Texecom panel and would like to get a copy of the full protocol.

            Could you email me a copy if you still have one.

            Many Thanks


            Originally posted by iant View Post
            < I now have the full protocol description for the Premier range >

            I'm trying to get a remote report from my Premier panel. The installers fitted a serial-to-USB cable which I can plug into my PC. I can log on to the panel. According to my copy of the "Simple Protocol", sending \Zxy should then return the status of the zones, where x is the start zone (base 0) and y is the number of zones to interrogate. However, I'm not getting the expected 00 or 01 in bits 0 and 1 and the results keep changing if I poll the panel every few seconds. Can you please help ?

            Also, instead of running a local PC to do the monitoring, I'd like to plug the USB into a simple network server such as the Lantronix UBox 2100 for remote access. Would this work ? Has anyone tried it ? And does anyone know of a retailer for that box ?


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              Texecom Premier 24

              Hi David,

              I have a com2400 with my Premier 24 and also an RS232 cable that I am yet to connect to my Linux system for monitoring.

              The 24's mainboard has two serial ports and there is another serial port on the com2400.

              Two questions if I may:

              1. Should the com2400 be cabled to the Premier 24 mainboard via the supplied jumper cable i.e. into com1 or does the mainboard achieve this via the edge connector?

              2. Can I use the other mainboard serial port or com2400's com port to achieve an RS232 connection and monitor the alarm status simulatenously with the ability to dial out/SMS?

              I am very impressed with the Premier 24 - it seems very professional and reliable - and cost effective.

              Many thanks


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                Hi - some quick answers...

                1. - The early panels and comm boards need a com cable - the later ones use the edge connector. I think if its a 10 pin connector, it needs the cable, if 12, it does not.

                2. - Not sure is the answer, as some panels and versions used the same com port for the comm board as the on board serial. All modern panels (made in the last year or so) to my knowlegde allow independant use, so unless the panel is old, you should be ok.

                I have also had some fun trying to use the communicator serial on its own as com3... but that is another story.

                I use two serial ports concurrently - and run the Crestron from one port and Texecom's own protocol out the other... have done so for the last year and its 100% reliable.

                Just fyi, I do not use the COMIP module now, I just use the com ports into one of the QUATECH 4 port serial boxes that were on ebay.



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                  Many thanks!

                  Hi David,

                  Many thanks for your very prompt and helpful response!

                  I shall check the edge connector and give the simultaneous connectivity a go.



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                    Originally posted by Bestgear View Post
                    I now have the full protocol description for the Premier range, which can use serial and is apparently preserved over their IP options too.

                    Im new here and I'm looking for a protocol sheet for a Texecom Alarm panel. I want to intergrate it into my Linux system, but I cant find it anywhere. Do you still have it? And if you do, could you provide me with it?



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                      Hi all,
                      Did anyone complete the Texecom integration? I see a few people developing but no completed works.
                      I have just installed the Premier 48 and would like to get it talking to Homeseer. Is there a plug in that enables comms out of the box?