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    Hello All!

    I am trying to piece together some information on starting a Home Automation setup in a UK house. Ideally I would like to use the latest technology, and Homeseer appears to be a must - my requirements are really to control lighting (using PIRs, RFID fobs etc.) / heating (individual rooms).

    I have some hurdles that I can't seem to overcome:

    1. I want to have normal-looking, flush wall sockets (NOT plug-in modules, which are unsightly and to me make a setup seem temporary). I have found the Home Easy wall sockets (in their ultimate range) and the X-10 socket from Lets Automate. At this point the Home Easy sockets are my favourite as they are wireless, but I would ideally like something that offers 2-way comms. Any suggestions?

    2. Z-Wave seems like great technology as it has 2-way comms, but the range of UK-compatible products seems very limited. Is it as limited as it seems, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help - thanks!

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    My Plugins:

    Pushover 3P | DoorBird 3P | Current Cost 3P | Velleman K8055 3P | LAMetric 3P | Garadget 3P | Hive 3P |
    Yeelight 3P | Nanoleaf 3P


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      I thought I'd chime in and say I'm using HomeEasy kit with an RFXCOM device and it works pretty well. It's reliable and all the light switches and plug sockets look really nice.

      Originally I wanted 2 way comms but I talked myself out of it realising I really didn't need it at all. For example, you might use it to turn off any lights when you leave the house if theyre on, but you could just turn them off without knowing their status. Or for turning lights off after theyve been on too long I just use motion sensors so I don't need to know the state of the light.

      Another option I suppose is to put those hocket puck modules that bypass your light switch and go in the wall. Then you can replace normal light switches with remote control switches (they still look nice) which tell Homeseer to turn the module on and off and then homeseer willknow the status.


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        Many thanks indeed for your replies - I was hoping to hear from someone using the HomeEasy kit to know what you thought of it.

        Now that I have thought it through, I think you are right - 2-way comms wouldn't really be necessary, as I intend to use PIRs / timing etc. to make sure lights are on when someone is there, but aren't when there isn't.

        Has anybody tried the Innovus products in the UK? They appear to be very nice looking wall switches using Z-Wave. Also, if you can point me in the direction of a good Z-Wave controller for use in the UK, that would be great.

        At this point, I am considering both a full RF setup (using HomeEasy sockets and switches) and a mixed setup (using HomeEasy sockets, but Innovus switches and some other Z-Wave products such as PIRs). Are there any limitations if I am running both protocols in the same installation?

        To reply to the first poster, I have Oil-fired central heating, so I may need to find some kind of mechanical valve that will suit that type of radiator. Again, any recommendations?

        Finally, if anyone can recommend a good central heating control unit for the UK, that can be controlled from Homeseer, that would be great.

        Thanks again for all your help!