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  • MK Astral (Z-Wave)

    For those not aware it appears MK have released some Z-Wave products for UK use, does not appear a great selection but they are a bit more customisable with coloured faceplates and a decent selection of non zwave matching mains sockets/spurs/telephone sockets.

    Here is the PDF for the selection

    One thing I cant see anywhere is the price, can't imagine they come cheap though....

    Is it a sign of things to come? Maybe more companies will expand their selection as we don't get a great choice at the minute...maybe then I will have saved enough money to upgrade...

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    • #3 , looks like an interesting alternative technology being developed...microcontrollers that could be embedded in any appliance, there is a list of functions on PG18 of this ...that looks like something to look forward to, seems to combine everything into one, power consumption measurement, status reporting, analogue I/O, appliance control + others into one device!
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        Yeah, My hang up with Z wave is generally the quality of product manufacture and not the Z wave itsself.

        You can bet the boys at MK have done a 1st class job all round - true you may well pay a bit more - but quality don't come cheap - take my wife !

        From what I can see you need a 35mm back box and that gives you loads of wiring room - no squeezing here im sure. Thtas not deep - you need more with Lutron and Clipsall.

        Saw a pix of the back of a product and that looked really quality - cant wait to get my hands on a couple!


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            Wow, that is insane, I knew it would be a fair bit of money but that takes it to a new level...I probably have not spent that much on my entire X10 setup.

            Anyone in the US prepared to pay $744 for a single zwave light switch? Thought not...


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