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France Belgium Ecowatt 850 Plug In

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    France Belgium Ecowatt 850 Plug In

    Hello Every Body,

    I am wondering if somebody has written a Plug In or something to interface the EcoWatt device to HomeSeer.
    My intention is to use this device on the 3 phases of my electricity meter and switch off radiators or other non priority units connected to Zwave ZRP230 Appliance Switch Devices when I reach the limit of my circuit breaker of 32 Amp per phase.

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

    Best Regards.

    Patrick France

    Below is the link for EcoWatt, sorry I could not find a page in English but I believe this unit has another name (?) in the US and the rest of the world.

    I donn't know if you are still looking into this but this device may be an equivalent of the OWL CM119 which is supported by the RFXCOM receiver.
    You may ask Bert at rfxcom if he has tested it yet.
    An alternative would be to find someone in your neighborhood via the french forum who has an RFXCOM with the latest firmware version (51) to test it, at least with RFReceive.
    If it gets something readable then it may be a simple OWL clone or at least this data could be decoded by Bert in a future plugin release.