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  • EU Power Adapters for US Appliances

    Both of my teenagers will be in Europe at different times next summer in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey. One will traveling to many continental European countries, she's not 100% sure yet

    We need to get a converter for them. What converter types are needed, what else is there to know. For instance are there special power needs in any particular EU nation? Any brand favorites?

    They will be using ipod charges, hairdryer, curling irons.



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    I went to Vienna Austria last year and London 3 years ago and used one of these
    and all my devices worked fine. Look on the devices and see if they have auto switching power supplies. They will list 110-220 on the power supplies. My laptop, camera, and phone all worked fine.


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      Hi Paul.
      I use this



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        most EU countries use the 'Shucko' type plug (the countries on your list do, the UK and a coupl of other countries do not). You will need to pay close attention to the labels on your equipment and see what sort of input voltage they accept, if they say 100-240V or something like that then you should not have a problem (I think digital equipment is more common for this). If not then you would need some type of transformer, hairdryers consume at least something like 1500W and curling tongues probably a bit less - these types of transformers ain't light or cheap and I could think of better things than carrying them across the EU (excess baggage aswell). I think there is also an issue with stuff with motors in them due to the difference in AC frequency - can't remember if it ends up shortening the motor life.

        Example being for an 800W version.

        I'd say it would be far easier and cheaper buying a cheap hairdryer and whatever in the first country you came to and using them instead as they should be good for using across Europe.


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          Thank you all! We will look into these suggestions



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            Many hotels will provide the necessary adapters; 120VAC wall plates in the bathrooms, hair dryers, etc. I do recall a small kit I would travel with. It had adapters for the wall receptacles and one voltage transformer for the varying connectivity / voltages. Most of the time though I just utilized the adapter as mostly it was using the laptop (multiple voltage transformer) and really don't recall ever using the voltage transformer for anything. I would charge the phone via the USB adapter to the laptop.
            - Pete

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              I just bought one of THESE. It doesn't do any voltage conversion but will take any type plug and convert it to any type plug. Nice and portable too.


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                Originally posted by Pete View Post
                120VAC wall plates in the bathrooms, hair dryers, etc.
                Most of the modern hotels severely limit current drawer on these. Years ago, I'd powered a laptop from these. These days, they're lucky to charge a dead iPhone.

                I travel a lot in Europe. As other mentioned, most modern electronics have international power supplies (100-250), so all you need is physical conversion. Hairdryers are typically the sang, but most good european hotels have them. Still best plan is buy a travel one that's good for 100-240v or buy cheapien on arrival. A converter for a hardryer will cost a fortune and will weigh a ton (relatively speaking)



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                  Thanks again to all, these are all good suggestions and I learned a lot too!