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Quiet Zwave appliance module recommendation

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  • Quiet Zwave appliance module recommendation


    After many years of a reliable HOMESEER setup running with X10, I've finally decided to upgrade to use some Zwave modules. The primary reason for this is that Zwave latency means that the sockets switch on a bit quicker than X10 (or certainly do in my setup) and so for the couple of modules that I use where I need speedy action I'm moving to Zwave.

    I've looked around the retailers in the UK and there seem to be a choice of 3 appliance module brands, Homepro, Everspring and Astral.

    X10 appliance modules I think had relays inside the unit which would make a CLICK as it was activated. I'd like to go for Zwave modules with a QUIET click in preference to audibly noisy modules. Can anyone with experience of the above modules reccomend QUIET modules.



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    My favourite of the three is the Everspring appliance module. I personally think it works better than the HomePro module (which you may not be able to get hold of any longer anyway).

    I've not tried the Astral module as I have always felt they were a bit price prohibitive.

    Yes, there is an audible click when you switch them, BUT they are far more silent than the old X10 modules.

    I'm not aware of any ZWave relays for the UK market that are completely silent.

    Nicolai L


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      the biggest issue I have found is not the noise - but when a bulb blows that it takes out the z-wave unit with it.. ensure that yiu you have very low rated fuses in the plugs!


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        I have GE and HomePro appliance modules. Both are much quieter than the X10 and have a soft "click".