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Unreliable Z-Wave Dimmers in Europe

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  • Unreliable Z-Wave Dimmers in Europe

    Has anyone else, apart from me, found that some Z-Wave hardware is much more relaible than others? Dimmers are the perfect example.

    For a couple of years I have been running the regular ACT ZDW 232 dimmer switches in my home. Three of them have encountered various failures like loss of Z-Wave communications, turning off randomly and stopping to turn on again. Sometimes cycling the power helps but they all go gradually down hill, until eventually HS cant talk to them.

    So I have just bought 2 new Z-Wave dimmers by a German company called Duni. The model I have is the 05433. Although I have been only using them for 2 weeks they seem superior. They have very nice led status information and seem very solid. I hope they turn out to be much more reliable. I'm in the UK.

    Any other experienced with this device out there?

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    It's the same old adage - "You get what you pay for" I still have 5 original ACT switches in use and they have worked fine for over 4 years but there are better made, higher quality switches available. The good thing is there are choices.


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      I had 3 ACT dimmers that failed within a year got warranty replacements and they have now failed.


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        Seems like an ACT problem here...

        Sounds exactly like my experience. I have had no problems with the ACT power switches. Lets hope the Duni ones prove more reliable as dimmers.

        I am having problems with an Everspring temperature/humidity sensor - anyone else?

        Happy Noo Year everyone!


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          Should that be Duwi units? Can't find any Duni ones via google, maybe it's a special device for Australia?


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            Yep,Duwi devices

            Yep, Duwi, not Duni, sorry about the typo!


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              Originally posted by Derek Prior View Post

              I am having problems with an Everspring temperature/humidity sensor - anyone else?
              What problems are you having?

              I have an Everspring ST814 and it appears to work fine with Homeseer excepting the small issue I have with timeouts from Homeseer when the device wakes up.

              On your original subject, I have a few Duwi switch only devices (not the .me versions with status feedback) and although I've only had them installed a few months they seem to be performing fine.

              I am also using some Fibaro dimmers and again whilst only installed for a few months they seem to be working just fine. I particularly like the ability to configure the Fibaro devices for many different setups.

              I suppose only time will tell if both device types have long term reliability.

              I would also like to try the new Aeon micro modules with on board energy monitoring.