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HomeEasy Switches Degrading range

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  • HomeEasy Switches Degrading range

    Last year I replaced all the light switches in my house with homeeasy switches. All worked great at the start, but I have noticed that the range that these can be controlled from is reducing on a weekly basis. I am using RFXCOM to send commands to them, not only can I not control some of the devices from the RFXCOM, but also from the supplied remote RF transmitter with fresh battires the range is sometimes reduced to only a few feet.

    Am I alone with this problem?

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    If this is a plug-able unit try this unit on another location far from your home and check if you can control the unit using the HE remote.

    1 If it operates normal you have an RF noise signal that disturbs the HE signal.
    2 If the range is also very short the HE unit is probably bad or not tuned at 433.92MHz


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      these are hard wired switches, but I will try to move them to another location to see.

      The devices use to have a good range, but now not so good.

      I've tried turning off power to everything in my house apart from the lighing circuit to see if some appliance was causing interferance, but no change.

      If the device has gone out of tune, is it possible to repair?