I noticed the other day that the BBC site has stopped providing National Lottery data so the script on Jon00's site no longer works. I found an RSS feed for the data so whilst this script is nowhere even approaching what Jon's script did it is a relatively quick and simple way of populating a couple of devices with the lottery results.

If there was massive interest I can package this up and make it a little special, icons, nice text, device creation etc. For the moment all it does is show the results and does not have many if any options.

I use the data on a HSTouch screen so am not worried about HS devices as they are hidden, if you also want to show it on HSTouch it is just a matter of status tracking to the devices.

Before you start you need to;

1) Reference the System.XML namespace by adding System.XML;System.XML.Dll to your ScriptingReferences line in the settings.ini file. Do not add it again if it is already in there.
2) Restart HS if you needed to do the above
3) Create eight status only virtual devices, in sequential order (Q59 - Q65 etc)
4) Save the script in your scripts folder with a .vb extension
5) Update the StartUCode and HCode with these values in the script
6) Update the values on this line with your choices;

Dim Balls() As Integer = {4, 13, 23, 29, 38, 40}

7) Run it after every lottery draw, watch the devices update.
8) Do what you want with the results, sound an alarm, send you a message, set off fireworks, whatever.

Imports System.XML
Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions

Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)

Dim XMLLotto As New XmlDocument
Dim XMLLottoNodeList As XmlNodeList
Dim XMLLottoNode As XmlNode

Dim strResults As String = ""
Dim strBalls As String
Dim StrDivide() As String

Dim i As Integer = 0
Dim j As Integer = 0
Dim StartUCode As Integer = 59
Dim HCode As String = "Q"

Dim ReturnInt As Integer = 0
Dim ReturnArr(6) As Integer
Dim Balls() As Integer = {5, 18, 23, 29, 35, 40}


XMLLottoNodeList = XMLLotto.SelectNodes("/rss/channel/item")

For Each XMLLottoNode In XMLLottoNodeList

If i = 0 Then

strResults = XMLLottoNode.Item("description").InnerText

End If

i = i + 1


hs.writelog("strResults", strResults)

strBalls = Right(strResults, (Len(strResults) - Instr(StrResults, ":") - 1))

hs.writelog("strBalls", strBalls)

StrDivide = Split(strBalls, ",")

For i = StartUCode to (StartUCode + 6)

ReturnArr(j) = Strip(strDivide(i - StartUCode))

hs.setdevicestring(HCode & i, ReturnArr(j), True)
hs.setdevicevalue(HCode & i, ReturnArr(j))

j = j + 1


If Check(Balls, ReturnArr) = False Then

hs.setdevicestring(HCode & (StartUCode + 7), "No Win", True)


hs.setdevicestring(HCode & (StartUCode + 7), "Check Lottery Results", True)

End If

End Sub

Private Function Strip(ByVal value As String) As Integer

	Dim returnVal As String = String.Empty
	Dim collection As MatchCollection = Regex.Matches(value, "\d+")
	For Each m As Match In collection
		returnVal += m.ToString()

	Return Convert.ToInt32(returnVal)

End Function

Private Function check(ByVal picks As Integer(), ByVal results As Integer()) As Boolean

Dim numbersMatch As Integer = 0
For i As Integer = 0 To UBound(picks) - 1
	For j As Integer = 0 To UBound(results) - 1
		If picks(i) = results(j) Then		
		numbersMatch += 1
                End If



Select Case numbersMatch
            Case 6
                Return True
            Case Is < 3
                Return False
            Case Is >= 3 <= 6
                Return True
        End Select

Return False

End Function
Seems to work for me, let me know if not.