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    What physical control switches are people using in the UK or do you prefer touch screens for anything clever?

    I have micro modules mounted behind regular light switches for the most part. I'm not a fan of many of the non-latching switch plates that are generally available so made a few custom button panels using blanking plates and push buttons.

    These aren't terribly aesthetic but do the job (see below for an example).
    NB: In the photo, there are metal parts of the crimp exposed. These were re-terminated with additional heatshrink before installation.

    The size and amount of wire in the backboxes also limits what's possible.

    The grid system switches seem quite good and offer flexibility for future changes.

    Some of the glass-faced switch plates also seem quite nice but tend to require most of the space in the back-box, meaning a micro module would need to be housed in a second, adjacent box or inside the wall.

    It would be great to see any examples of what other people are doing.....

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    As many others have done, I've installed 45mm back boxes in most locations now and use the modular MK Grid system for switches. I can get a Fibaro module and 2 switches into a single box without a lot of fuss.

    The MK grid range includes a few other face plates like polished chrome as well as black and stainless steel effect modules so you're not stuck with the standard white.



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      I only have two Qubino dimmer modules but I have them both in the wall, the one is behind a single switch and in the another it is behind a triple switch so for that I had to extend the wires out of the back box, down the wall and I have the module floating in the wall (to remove I have to take the back box out). Not the best solution but the only solution as I am not ripping out any plasterboard...that way to the casual observer the switches are the same through the house.
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        I also use the modular MK Grid system for my momentary switches.


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          Mostly replaced all switches with vitrum. They're beautiful, robust but do require a deep back box. Used fibaro switches in a few places like the garage where I can use an existing cheap white switch and the lights are mostly automated so not physically pressing them often. Did buy some duwi switches which are utter crud. Don't work reliably, about 50% failure rate, look crap, don't fit UK back boxes properly.

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            Thanks for all the responses. Interesting stuff.