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Bye Bye Standby sockets (Old type)

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    Hi Darcon,

    Sorry for the delay again, I didn't get an email that somebody had posted here. Maybe I'm not subscribed to my own thread ?
    I found mine on Ebay. If it is an X2 capacitor, the capacitance and voltage match the original, and the distance between the wires on the capacitor is the same, then it is an easy swap. If any of the specs are different, then it is at your risk. Obviously they need to be the same size, else they won't fit !

    I have now scrapped these sockets, as the new capacitors failed in the same way after a time. You can keep them going quite cheaply for a long time, but you will get very good at dismantling these sockets What a poor design.


      Traction Tim Thanks Tim. Found my very old unopened set of Bye Bye Standby sockets and although I can capture the remote transmission the sockets don't respond. My only theory was that a capacitor had deteriorated over the 15 years ( date code is 0705 so perhaps 2005). Your post gives me something to try. Internet is amazing !