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    Using Z-Wave thermostats with HS3, go to The Alexa app: Smart Home -> Devices
    The Z-Wave thermostats are listed as 'other' so the app cannot control thermostats.
    Also asking Alexa (voice) for what's the temperature on ..., it says that the device (HS3) doesn't support it.
    Also, for light switches and dimmers, Alexa doesn't get updates about current status (This can also be seen on the app).

    Are there any plans to address these issues?

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    did you ever work this one out?
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      Originally posted by Raptor View Post
      did you ever work this one out?
      No. The Alexa Skill doesn't seem to have received any significant updates since my post.
      The thermostats work with voice but doesn't work from Alexa's graphic interfaces. Also The HomeSeer skill doesn't provide feedback so Alexa doesn't know if devices are on or off.
      Overall, the Homeseer skill works reliably most of the time, but needs updating.