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  • Echo Buttons?

    Did anyone see the new Echo Buttons?
    I have no interest in using them for games, but what a neat little button that might have a future being used to activate lights or events.

    Has anyone tried them yet? Pretty cost effective at only $20 for a pair.

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    They don't get released until the 19th, so probably not. They look interesting if you can use them for more than games.

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      It's been a few months now, has anyone tried the Alexa buttons?
      I didn't buy any yet and was wondering if Amazon has allowed them to be integrated with other skills such as home automation/HomeSeer?


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        I have not tried them. It looks like they connect via bluetooth to an Echo device with up to four being able to be connected. Nice they have batteries that can be replaced.

        I suspect that most that have a need for dedicated buttons would use the Dash rather than the Echo button. These have been hacked with discussion on this board and over the internet to re-purpose the button push from "order an item from Amazon" to "trigger a HS event". No Echo needed as the interface is WiFi rather than bluetooth.


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          For anyone reading this, Amazon now allows you to trigger the routines you created in the App. via an Echo Button.
          They also lowered the price.


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            Bought four of them when they came out. Never used them. Now I have one in the office to trigger an on the phone event to pause music and squelch announcements. Another press reverses the state. Wonder if there’s a mountable holder for it.