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Bypassing IFTTT using "simulated" Alexa voice trigger?

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  • Bypassing IFTTT using "simulated" Alexa voice trigger?

    So, don't get me wrong, I love IFTTT. But, what it's NOT great for is running time critical tasks or tasks requiring huge WAF factor. For example, we have TPLink bulbs, and they are controlled by motion sensor. So, when the inevitable lag occurs, OR the seemingly daily Homeseer API is down message, WAF is low!

    However, TP-Link can be controlled locally via Alexa, and of course, it is responsive and quick and 99.99% fool proof.

    After searching for weeks on Jon00's threads, Spud's threads, or anyone else that is an expert on Alexa integration, I've realized Alexa only works with an on demand voice trigger. So...what if HS Speaker simulated a voice trigger?

    How I envisioned this would be...have an echo dot located next to your HS Speaker. Motion sensor triggers an event that "speaks" the local command you want alexa to run. The Echo Dot conveniently situated by the speaker thinks you are telling her to turn on TP Link lights using her own Kasa skill, she says OK, and turns on your TP Link lights without IFTTT!!!

    SO I haven't tried it, and other than burning an echo for this purpose soley, and possible lag (can't be any worse than IFTTT lag), is there any other reason this wouldn't work, or is the juice totally not worth the squeeze. But, after days of wife complaining that she just wants to turn on the lights manually, I've conceded that these smart bulbs aren't so smart.

    Not trying to disparage IFTTT, but again, with time critical tasks, IFTTT is a pain.

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    Actually, I believe there is a way to send a text string directly to Alexa rather than using TTS. However it may be only available to developers, I'm just not sure.
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