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Alexa Requires a "Scope" for Alexa for Business

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  • Alexa Requires a "Scope" for Alexa for Business

    I'm working on a proof of concept for Alexa to control HomeSeer using the Alexa for Business service on AWS.

    I've found when linking the SmartSkill, it was looking for a "Scope". I tried entering in the text box the floor or the room (category 1 and 2), but no devices are discovered with those parameters.

    It looks like this is the definition of scope in Alexa is:
    The scope is an optional list of access scopes indicating the level of access requested. You define the set of scopes to support when enabling account linking for your skill.

    My request would be to use the floor or room (ideally room) as scope to limit the devices that can be accessed by each room. Or, allow any text the current V2 API skill is returning no devices with the MANDATORY scope that Alexa for Business is requiring.
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