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Devices disappeared - Alexa App Update?

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  • Devices disappeared - Alexa App Update?

    Has anyone else noticed any issues with most recent Alexa App update? My integration stopped working. I noticed an alexa app update, and when I checked the app to see if any devices were dicovered, discovery fails. It shows up in hs log that discovery takes place but all my devices do not show up in the alexa app.

    I disabled, reenabled skill, no luck
    I signed out and signed in, still no luck.

    The site still has all my devices but the ios app does not.
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    Same here, not fun tonight!



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      I think this tends to happen if the server is down and you attempt to discover your devices at the same time. They all disappear. Just wait until the server is back working and try rediscovering them.


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        has the server been down all night?

        I upgraded to .418 thinking I needed to use the new v3 api and am using the new smarkhome skill.

        read through hundres of pages of threads last night trying all the options but cannot get alexa to discover any devices