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Naming the lights for Alexa

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    Naming the lights for Alexa


    I added more switches and it is no longer easy for Alexa to recognize the names. I have a HomeSeer system with 16 total devices. 1 thermostat, 2 outlets, 7 dimmers, 6 switches, and 3 echo dots. It is a single story, 2 bath, 3 bedroom.

    For those with a HomeSeer system using Alexa for voice commands...

    How did you name the different switches and dimmers so Alexa knows and still simple naming?


    I don't have an exact count but I have about 50 switches and 20 dimmers, 10 outlets.

    Here is what I did
    1. Use the "voice command" option in the configuration tab of the device. It simplifies the Alexa setup. so that alexa does not try to use the floor or room information. Alexa also seems to respond better to exact matches if you are using this.
    2. Use groups in Alexa to control multiple devices with similar names.

    Here is an example. My boys have a room where there is a light in the entry, they have a walk in closet with a light, they have a fan light, they have an attached bathroom with a light and a fan.

    "voice command" names I use for this
    Boys Light
    Boys Fan
    Boys Closet
    Boys Entry
    Boys Bathroom Light
    Boys Bathroom Fan

    Alexa groups
    Boys Room (has all the 4 lgihts in it)
    Boys Bathroom (has just the bathroom light in it)

    You might ask why did i not just name "Boys Bathroom Light", "Boys Bathroom" and not include the Alexa group.

    I think I could have but never changed it. It used to be when you asked Alexa to control "Boys Bathroom" she would ask which one did you want if you had a device named "Boys Bathroom" and one name "Boys Bathroom Fan". But if you had a group named "Boys Bathroom" (even if it just had the one light in it, she would not.

    I actually think that is fixed with the "voice command" stuff in homeseer. But I never went back and tried to remove that group.

    My kitchen and dining is all one area with multiple switches. They are named.

    Kitchen Lights
    Kitchen Counter
    Kitchen Sink
    Dining Lights
    Dining Table

    Alex group
    Kitchen (has all six lights in it)

    The basic rules I use are
    1. Simple group names, one for each room or area.
    2. Add "lights" to the end of the name if you have a switch that is basically the same name as a room.
    3. Add the room name if you have switches in other rooms that are the same.

    It's why I used "Kitchen Sink". since I have a light switch for the lights on my master bathroom sink. That one is called "Master Bathroom Sink".

    I will some the simple name for the "main" switch if I have similar names. for example i use "Entry" for the light at my front door entry and "Boys Entry" for the light in their entry. Same with "Hall". I use "Hall" for the main hall on the main floor and "Basement Hall" for a hall in the basement.

    I really like the double tap and triple tap. I have all sorts of complicated taps because of all the switches I have (mostly just because I could do it). I actually had to label the switches just so everyone knew what did what (including me).

    But recently I added Echos everywhere in the house and I have to admit the double and triple tap aren't used as much. but I still use for certain things where it's just easier to tap than talk to Alexa. Like I have 4 ways to enter the kitchen and dining area. One of the ways the switches do not control any lights in that room. So double tap on one of those turns on the kitchen lights. Several areas where double tap turns off an area. Like the switch as i exit my master bedroom will turn off the 7 light switches in the master bedrom suite. Or double tap at the top of basement stairs that gets the basement ready for watching a movie.


      Great! Thank you, I will try that.

      I used Hall Bathroom and she thinks I say call or something else. I knew I needed different words. Maybe I try guest bathroom and she if she likes it.

      : )