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Echo Dot links, but does not see HS3 devices

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    Echo Dot links, but does not see HS3 devices

    So after many hours wasted unsuccessfully trying to get a GH mini to speak to my HS3 system (as many have experienced, despite claiming accounts are linked, it doesn't see any HS3 devices), I decided to give Alexa a go. I'm in Switzerland, so of course it came in German, but that was sorted soon enough.

    Next problem - it wouldn't allow me to access skills, because it insisted there was a mis-match with my Amazon account and that I use German (which I don't speak, as I'm the French part!). So I used an amazon UK account I have and then it could see "Homeseer SmartHome" in the skills.

    However, when I get Alexa to look for HS devices (and these all have voice enabled) - it comes back with "no devices found".

    Perhaps a silly question, but does the email address for the Amazon account have to match that for MyHS? Because for the reasons mentioned above, in my case they do not.

    Or is there something else I may have omitted?

    So after some searching around, I found a post suggesting that one must "Enable control using JSON" in Tools/Setup/Network.

    This does appear to have done the trick and I can now see my voice enabled HS3 devices from Alexa......and she also reacts to my commands.

    What does JSON actually mean/do?

    ....and I just retried to link to my GH mini........ and good old JSON has done the business there as well!

    BTW - Homeseer support connected to my system about 10 days ago and never picked up on this omission.

    One issue that I need to resolve - for my shutters, I'd prefer to tell Alexa "Open" and "Close" rather than "on" and "off" ......... any clues?
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      You can use Alexa "routines" in the app to accomplish this. Look at the bottom of this thread:
      Jean-Marie G. Vaneskahian


        Thanks Jean - that does the trick. Now I need to hunt around to find how to do the same with my Google Home - cheers!