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Alexa does not recognize name to turn on a device

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    Alexa does not recognize name to turn on a device

    I have 3 dots and a spot and about 13 z-wave devices. All the other devices have worked and seem to work as expected except one HS100 switch.

    Room Garage
    Device name Inside Lights
    Voice Command Garage Light Lights

    I have had it named Garage light, garage light lights, and garage lights at different times. For this discussion I will say I have it named "Garage light lights" in Voice command in HS3 Pro. I delete the device in Alexa and scan for it after I change the name in HS3. If I say alexa turn on garage light it should come on. If I say alexa turn OFF garage light it will turn it off. If I say alexa turn off garage lights it will turn off. If I say either one to turn it on it will say which device. I have not deleted the device from HS3 and then add it. Is does not matter what Dot I speak to they will all turn the device off but not on.

    Thoughts, suggestions?


    Amazon can have an issue separating names that are similar..., that's just the way it is.

    As to why it might work for 'off', but not 'on' I can't say..., but I'm hoping that means they are working on the code to solve the issue.

    Putting fairly unique names on the devices you wish to control helps.

    There is a text box in the configuration area of a device that allows for a 'nickname' to be used instead of the actual device name.

    You can also use the custom skill which tends to distinguish device names better, but you need to say 'Tell Homeseer' when you issue a command.


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