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Format for Alternate Voice Command?

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    Format for Alternate Voice Command?

    Just once, it would be nice if a feature of HS3 worked the first time you attempt it, especially when using video guide/instructions provided on website....

    I have the HomeSeer Home Automation Skill installed (its the one where you have to say "Alexa, tell homeseer to..."

    I have a Device Group for all my den lights. I have added the phrase "Den Lights" to the Voice Command field in the Configuration tab.

    When I give the command: "Alexa, Tell HomeSeer to turn on Den Lights", it promply responds "That Device was not found".

    Can someone please point me to documentation for how one is supposed to set this up to actually work...

    Sorry for my tone, but I'm beyond frustrated...

    The way it should work is to enable voice command on the device and optionally enter a different name in the voice command

    Click image for larger version

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    In the above screenshot, voice command is enabled. With this enabled Echo should discover the device and you will see it in the Alexa app or webpage. If the voice command field is blank, echo will respond to DirecTV TV. I entered Media Room TV so that Echo will respond to that name instead of the device name.

    If you look in your Alexa App under Smart Home you will see all the devices that are discovered and the name they will respond to. You cannot have duplicate names.


      think I figured it out...

      Turns out the source of my frustration was myself...

      the voice command field is for the *other* Alexa app.

      But the big issue was that I didn't have voice enabled... I must have disabled at some point...


        For straight on/off commands, I never use the Alexa "tell homeseer". Instead, I just tell Alexa directly to turn on/off the device.
        If I want to run a script, then I use the Alexa "tell homeseer" (Homeseer Automation skill) along with Jon's helper script.

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