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More problems with device discover - doesn't discover any HS devices at all!

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    More problems with device discover - doesn't discover any HS devices at all!


    I have been using Homeseer with Alexa, and was slowly improving it - I had a few devices connected and working well with Alxea voice xommands.

    I decided to change from one of the Homeseer Alexa skills to the other, and as part of doing that I deleted all my Homeseer devices so I could rediscover them. I think I was probably using the HomeSeer SmartHome Skill, as I didn't need to say "Alexa, ask Homeseer to .....", I could just say "Alexa turn of coffee machine", and it would turn of my HS coffee machine switch.

    Now I can't get Alexa to discover any of my Homeseer Devices with either of the two skills. It discovers non-HS devices without problems - eg. Sonos.

    Some details:
    • I am in Australia, using a US Amazon account.
    • My HS version is HS3 Standard Edition (Windows)
    • I am having no trouble with the skills establishing linkage to MyHS
    • I haven't made any changes to HS between when Alexa was working, and now isn't. My devices in HS have Voice command selected.
    • I have tried both the HomeSeer SmartHome Skill and the HomeSeer Home Automation Skill.
    • The HomeSeer Home Automation Skill doesn't even show up as a Smart Home skill, and doesn't discover any devices.
    • The HomeSeer SmartHome Skill does show up as a Smart Home skill, but still doesn't discover my HS devices
    • The 'Discover devices' in Alexa now proceeds much more quickly than it use it - which makes me think that it isn't talking to HS / MyHS, although it says they are linked.
    I have uninstalled the skills, and deleted all devices numerous times, without success.

    Alexa used to link nicely to my HS. Now I can't get anything.

    I have a bit of investment in Alexa devices, so really need to get it working again.

    I'd appreciate suggestions as to:
    • Which Alexa skill to use.
    • If HomeSeer Home Automation Skill, which sounds preferable, does it matter that it doesn't show up as a Smart Home skill,
    • How I go about getting it to discover my devices again.


    Apparently you never got an answer to this. Did you ever get it working?

    Jim Speiser
    35-year veteran of Home Automation
    Still don't know squat