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Homeseer + Alexa in Italy

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    Homeseer + Alexa in Italy

    Do you think could be the possibility to have a HS skill available in italian language?
    How is the owner to realize skill? HS or Amazon?
    I'm testing IFTTT but a big frustrating to say "Alexa, TRIGGER.... (italian phrase)" (I don't like "trigger" word)
    With Google is all more simple... "Hey google, (italian phrase)".


    Hello The HOMESSER team only thinks of US and does not consider its customers outside the US or EN language,
    I was able to install the Skill from the UK store before it was geolocated, Now this is no longer possible

    The skill WORKS PROPERLY IN FRENCH, so it must be possible to make changes so that everyone is eligible and the skill is available in languages other than English.

    The Chinese are faster to adapt their skills (Yellight, Smartlive, Tuya, etc.).

    It seems a skill for french will never exist!

    As you can see from the answer received from Homeseer, skills for non-english speaking countries aren't even considered.
    As far as I am concerned, I consider HS3 not anymore compatible with my needs and I guesss with a lot of other's!
    I am very disapointed: hs3 WAS such a good software!
    Matt replied
    Jun 18, 9:32am

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am not sure that we are looking to create skills for other languages just yet, but I will be passing this feedback along to the appropriate engineer to see what we may be able to offer.


    Matt Cave
    Support Technician


      Thanks for your reply Jean-Francois,
      so I'll need to consider alternative form my and for the people I'll install home automation based on HS in Italy.