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Jason errors on new device (Aeotec bulbs)

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    Jason errors on new device (Aeotec bulbs)

    Ok, I have rebooted, loaded newest version, rebooted, rebooted...

    then i I added some new z-wave bulbs from Aeotec.

    they came in fine. I can control them from HS3 web fine (on/off/cool/warm)

    did a discovery in found them... it found 5 devices for 2 bulbs, and shows 2 in alexa lights?

    but it when I try to use alexa, I get a JASON error.

    i have the bulbs set up with voice, is dimable, is light...


    I will ask Aeotec as well, but thought I would try here first...

    these specifically list HS3 compatibility so I know it is me somehow

    what have I got set wrong?

    Found it!
    after rebooting, reinstalling, starting, stopping and combing through the logs I found it.
    previous attempts at installing smart bulbs had left garbage throughout the system, and one was a device by the same name.
    that device had nothing attached to it, so it conflicted with the new real device...
    so far it is working fine...