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Setting Alexa to be default controller?

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  • Setting Alexa to be default controller?

    Quick background. Had Homeseer at previous house with Alexa and was able to say the basic command for example, Alexa, turn on living room lamp 1. Fast forward to recently. Moved and am slowly rebuilding my network. I have lots of switches for sale in the for sale section. Hint! Anyway, I recently got a new alarm system in and have enabled that skill in Alexa. It's if it matters. I have no lighting controls connected to it. I have the HS skill enabled as well and Alexa sees my devices. Now I have to say the full command of Alexa tell homeseer to do whatever. And that works. Is there a way to make it the default to where I can leave out the tell Homeseer part? When I leave it out now, she attempts to have do the work.

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    You need to enable the HomeSeer SmartHome skill -


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      It was enabled. Then it wasn't somehow. I added some more devices yesterday. Checked the skills. Re-enabled. Now all seems well in the world. I blame sunspots.