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Not requiring opening phrase "Alexa, ask Homeseer...."

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  • Not requiring opening phrase "Alexa, ask Homeseer...."

    I've noticed on several occasions recently that when I've issued some commands to Alexa, it automatically pulls up the Homeseer Home Automation Skill without me having to ask for it. For example, when I said "Alexa, lock all the door locks", Alexa replied..."Okay, here's Homeseer Home Automation Skill". I can't recall what some of the other commands were that got passed along like this, but it is nice not to have to say "Alexa ask homeseer". Has something changed recently? Does anybody know if there are default requests that might get passed to the Homeseer Home Automation Skill?

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    I sometimes get a response referencing the Homeseer Skill when I try to control my officer lights. When I repeat the exact same command then it works as expected using my Hue Hub. I don't know if it is a naming conflict or if i am mumbling and the command is misunderstood the first time. It is on my list of things to look at more closely when i have some time.