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    Only one skill available

    I had two HS skills in Alexa. I never knew which one I needed to left both installed. I used to be able to run events like "Alexa Kitchen Lights" and that was the same as Alexa tell HS to run Kitchen Lights. But it stopped. So I removed the 2 skills. When I went to put them back the "Homeseer Smarthome" is the only choice. I added it and the original problem is still there.

    Any ideas?

    When using the SmartHome skill you run events by saying Alexa - Run Event Name.


      Always been able to say

      Alexa tell homeseer kitchen on

      kitchen on is an event

      In the last few months been able to say

      Alexa Kitchen On

      And that was working great.

      Not sure what changed

      I can only find one skill. What is the correct one to use?

      I am making a work around for this, with a virtual device that will trigger an event to handle this. Never had much luck with virtual devices controlling events before but going to try again


        why do I only see one HS Skill?