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    Originally posted by Bilbrey View Post
    I'm sure the folks at HomeSeer have many, many things to keep them busy. New features to create, bugs to squash, etc...

    But I would LOVE to see a new feature for HS4.

    In addition to the Action: "Speak Something".
    Could we have an Action: "Say to Alexa/Google"

    Basically a command to have Alexa/Google speak our text string, just like the 'Speak Something' action does, but sending the output to a digital assistant?

    And it would be nice if this were a built in system function, so that us basic users (those of us not gifted in coding skills) can easily interact with our home digital assistants.

    This would seem to be VERY powerful for a home system in combination with the "Voice Command" that already exists.

    I have 9 Amazon Echos and 5 Google Assistants around the house, and it would be wonderful if I could speak to my HomeSeer system, and have my HomeSeer system respond back with confirmation using an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

    It would also be nice to have a 'playAnnouncementAll' action as well. Handy to get an alert from my HomeSeer system.

    I feel it is time that home automation systems became 'easy' to speak with...

    I'm currently in the process of migrating from ST. Why? Because they stopped providing support for what was arguably one of the best 3rd party apps there was....EchoSpeaks (ES). They royally pissed off a crap ton of people when they did this, many of who decided that was the last straw and are also migrating to other platforms.

    This incredibly powerful and flexible app provided exactly the sort of ability you describe. The author was actively developing and implementing new enhancements up until the end.
    Then...the ST team gave some excuse about it using too many resources and turned off the switch in November.

    From what I hear, ES now works in Hubitat and so many went there. With that said...if Hubitat can do this with ES...then why not HS?


      I am using the Echo Speaks in Hubitat. I am then accessing it through the excellent HS to Hubitat plugin.


        Originally posted by simonmason View Post
        I am using the Echo Speaks in Hubitat. I am then accessing it through the excellent HS to Hubitat plugin.
        Wondering then, how much trouble/time/money/hassle would it be to setup a Hubitat system who's only function was to run ES? Is this essentially what you're doing or are you using Hubitat for something else beyond what HS provides?


          I use it for tons of stuff. I initially set it up as my Zigbee hub - for fan controllers that are not available in Z-wave - through my Bond hub. Then I started adding more things as time went on:

          Sengled bulbs - much cheaper than Philips Hue bulbs.
          Peanut outlets, again much cheaper than their Z-wave counterparts.
          Lutron Picos throughout the house. There is a plugin on HS for this but it is $60 and the plugin for Hubitat is free - I haven't needed to pay for one hubitat plugin to date.
          Sinope heated floor thermostat - zigbee, no z-wave alternative.
          Orbit automated hose timers - zigbee, no z-wave alternative

          Essentially I use it for things I can't connect to homeseer easily. But I also recently started playing with sharptools - has a direct interface for building nice touchscreens. I think this is going to be the way I go for my touchscreens in the future.


            If you willing to tinker a little, you can set up Alexa TTS announcements using Node Red. Have a look at the 'how to" I recently posted here:
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