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What determines if a device becomes available in Alexa?

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  • What determines if a device becomes available in Alexa?


    What determines if a device in Homeseer becomes visible/available in Alexa? Some of my devices that are visible in Homeseer, are not available in Alexa, after I have done a search for new devices.


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    In device management go into the device, under the name is a field called voice command, put a name in here, down lower on that page is a checkbox also called voice command, put a check in this box. then have Alexa scan again.


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      Also the control setup must be something that Alexa can support. As an example, a simple on/off/dim light will be discovered by Alexa if the voice checkbox mentioned above is ticked. However something like my GoControl irrigation controller, which is controlled by a down menu with about 75 options (15 zones, 5 time options per zone) will never surface in the Alexa app regardless if the box is ticked, because there's no way to reconcile it's control method with any of the controls in Alexa.

      If it's just lights, you should be fine. If something is acting funny, check the "control use" drop down under each control on the devices "Status Graphics" tab, this also has an impact on the Alexa behavior.

      I strongly recommend using proxy virtual devices and surfacing these to Alexa, rather than surfacing the physical actuator itself.