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Can't discover any HS devices

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  • Can't discover any HS devices


    I posted the message below on the Alexa - HomeSeer Home Automation Skill forum, but haven't received any repies, so I thought I would try here. I realised after posting it on the other forum, that this is probably the more suitable one, as it is the SmartHome Skill that comes up as a Smart Home Skill in my Alexa, and I think is what was working previously.

    I'd appreciate some ideas - Alexa used to work well with HS, and now is useless when it comes to my HS devices.




    I have been using Homeseer with Alexa, and was slowly improving it - I had a few devices connected and working well with Alxea voice xommands.

    I decided to change from one of the Homeseer Alexa skills to the other, and as part of doing that I deleted all my Homeseer devices so I could rediscover them. I think I was probably using the HomeSeer SmartHome Skill, as I didn't need to say "Alexa, ask Homeseer to .....", I could just say "Alexa turn of coffee machine", and it would turn of my HS coffee machine switch.

    Now I can't get Alexa to discover any of my Homeseer Devices with either of the two skills. It discovers non-HS devices without problems - eg. Sonos.

    Some details:
    • I am in Australia, using a US Amazon account.
    • My HS version is HS3 Standard Edition (Windows)
    • I am having no trouble with the skills establishing linkage to MyHS
    • I haven't made any changes to HS between when Alexa was working, and now isn't. My devices in HS have Voice command selected.
    • I have tried both the HomeSeer SmartHome Skill and the HomeSeer Home Automation Skill.
    • The HomeSeer Home Automation Skill doesn't even show up as a Smart Home skill, and doesn't discover any devices.
    • The HomeSeer SmartHome Skill does show up as a Smart Home skill, but still doesn't discover my HS devices
    • The 'Discover devices' in Alexa now proceeds much more quickly than it use it - which makes me think that it isn't talking to HS / MyHS, although it says they are linked.
    I have uninstalled the skills, and deleted all devices numerous times, without success.

    Alexa used to link nicely to my HS. Now I can't get anything.

    I have a bit of investment in Alexa devices, so really need to get it working again.

    I'd appreciate suggestions as to:
    • Which Alexa skill to use.
    • If HomeSeer Home Automation Skill, which sounds preferable, does it matter that it doesn't show up as a Smart Home skill,
    • How I go about getting it to discover my devices again.


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    this happened to me in the past, i think the issue stems from enabling voice on a device that alexa just plain does not support etc.. what i did to overcome was disable voice for all my devices and Events, then just went through in batches of 10 - 20 enabling voice again, and performing the discovery on alexa. I then enabled all devices i need.

    The issue stems i think from when enabling some plugins etc.. the devices have voice enabled, and if the list cannot be parsed by alexa because of no control use statements etc on the device, i think this breaks for all. or could be a timeout (but i suspect not,)


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      i had a problem similar to this but not as bad, i did what Fuzzy said and enabled one at a time but i renamed the HS3 Voice command first then used Virtual devices to to make the other devices work, i had this issue with even Google home but i was able to relink everything and got it working. I keep 2 of the google home mini's around so i can try them when Alexa is on break for some reason and if google/alexa devices fail then i feel its Amazon related most of the time


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        Thanks for your suggestions.

        Is there any wat to bulk disable voice? It will take ages for me to go through and do each one by one.

        Although I am suspicious that Alexa isn’t even seeing Hs, despite being linked. Attempts to discover devices run far more quickly than they used to when it was working.




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          yes Upper left hand corner give many options for all items which are checked, and disable voice is one