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Alexa guard trigger?

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    Alexa guard trigger?

    I’m trying to get a trigger in place to turn on guard mode when we’re away, but I’m seeing my z-wave stuff can’t be used in Alexa routines and I don’t see any way to direct Alexa from HS. Any solutions out there?


    This will require bilateral communication from HomeSeer -> Alexa. Currently communication is unilateral only, ie Alexa -> HomeSeer. Ric has stated that sensor integration is being actively worked on but is not ready yet and does not have an expected date.

    When it's complete, this should allow triggering of Guard mode from something like a virtual device or a geo-fence.

    Annoyingly, the IFTTT Alexa integration also doesn't seem to support actions, only triggers.


      There's a kludge solution that I've used in a couple instances: locate a HS speaker client next to an alexa device and use a HS speak action to instruct alexa what to do.


        This is the kludge I used, too. I simply have HS say "Alexa. Guard on." This happens during an exit routine when we're already walking out the door, so the house is quiet and the Alexa picks it up and responds accordingly. Of course, I also have it do the opposite when we arrive home.

        I would prefer not to do this, but instead make an API call to Alexa, but it works. I've been thinking about having HS tell Alexa to remind me of things like changing the HVAC filter, too. I have HS do that directly now, but I kind of like the Alexa notifications.

        If you have an "Alexa built in PC", you wouldn't have to have an Echo for Alexa commands. You could run Alexa right on the HS system so that it is talking to itself. I haven't actually done this because I don't have an Alexa built in PC", but I'm wondering if I could even have the mic on the PC set to "What U Hear" on the sound card so it doesn't even have to be audible (i.e. what is said and heard happens entirely inside the PC)

        Apparently there is a hands-free mode for the Windows 10 app that can be installed if you don't have an "Alexa built-in PC"

        Alexa for PC:


          dzee how do I get HS to say something? My HS3 ZEE S2 is supporting my Omni Pro with HIFi amp via the OMNI for HS3 (rmasonjr) plug in.


            Hi Chaser, Not sure what the capabilities of your stated equipment are, but I'm just running mine on a PC and have some PC speakers hooked up. The event code is just the Speak Something command and looks like this:

            Click image for larger version

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