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 ALEXA Selectively not Discovering mcsMQTT Defined Devices

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     ALEXA Selectively not Discovering mcsMQTT Defined Devices

    Posted this issue on mcsMQTT plug-in forum... exhausted debug so asking questions here.

    I can not get mcsMQTT defined devices to discover.

    This week was the FIRST attempt installing HomeSeer SmartHome Skill... thanks for providing this interface. The install was easy. After a lot of debugging, this is what is stumping me.

    X10 Devices – Always Discovered

    YES, Alexa will always discover ANY proper X10 defined device. Forget, discover, forget discover they always properly return. Voice control operating well.

    mcsMQTT Devices – Will not discover

    ONCE during the first attempt, a mcsMQTT device was discovered. I could voice command it ON/OFF. Thought my future assignments would now be easy.

    However, after some removal and additional definitions, NO mcsMQTT devices are now ever discovered.

    Thoughts for additional testing are appreciated... LZH

    Updated today to HS revision running on WIN7
    ALEXA Client version … 1.24.206457.0

    History... for those interested in detail that explain Alexa operation
    Before enabling the HomeSeer Skill, Alexa voice was operating well.

    SYSTEM (before adding skill)
    ALEXA to my custom hub (ESP simulating 8 devices) to BROKER (ESP custom) to mcsMQTT (installed August 2019) in HS3.

    Some time around mid August, my DOT got an automatic update. Voice commanding stopped operating for ALL my 8 custom devices (ESP WeMo emulators). This interface had been stable for over 1 year. My custom designed “hub” stopped getting transmissions during the DISCOVERY phase. Discovery would “find” and list the previous 8 devices, but would not control any.

    After several hours of working with Amazon advanced support, we reset/removed the DOT (NOT power off/on) and reattached it to my account. Now, discovery could find NO devices... the DOT memory is empty (or some cloud link holding information) and it was still not transmitting to my hub. Others have found a work around... I am stuck waiting for a new DOT update.

    As a replacement for the ALEXA feature, installed HomeSeer SmartHome Skill and are very successful adding and removing and voice controlling ANY X10 defined device by using the voice check box.