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Alexa integration has been unusually unreliable lately

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  • Alexa integration has been unusually unreliable lately

    Has anyone noticed the Alexa integration hasn’t been as reliable lately?

    I’m currently getting “sorry <device name> is not responding”. This happened just a week ago too. I fixed it last time by delinking and relinking the HomeSeer skill.

    anyone know what’s going on?

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    I've seen a lot of issues with it over the last month or two. Finally delinked everything and unchecked voice for quite a few before relinking. Still ****. Half of it works and half doesn't. Once I get a couple of days off in a row I may unlink and unvoice everything and then just start adding one by one. Only thing left I know to do.


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      My HomeSeer Omni integration with Amazon echo failed after several weeks and again all I had to do was Disable the skill and reenable immediately, devices were rediscovered finding none and now Alexa requests all work again. For months now this is my go to solution. I wish I knew why the skill apparently disconnects?


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        It's not working for me either on two installations, says not responding. I do not have patience to unlink/link and then fix my Alexa routines all over again. I'll wait to see if it gets fixed by HomeSeer.


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          It very easy to go to the skill and disable and reenable immediately. Devices do not need to be fixed or rediscovered. I am reporting this repeating / random problem to Amazon...