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    Well this answers the question I was going to ask in the forum today! I just installed some LED lights and when I add them to Alexa, they show up as two devices. One is the Light switch with just shows continuous 3 dots and never seems to connect and then another device that has the ON/OFF and Colours to choose from. However, it seems to always show as "Device Unresponsive" even though I can control the lights with using voice commands and I can change colours (most of the time) using the alexa app but it will immediately display "Device Unresponsive" and have the light as OFF even though they are on. I had noticed this problem with other lights as well. Hope they get this fixed.


      Yup, that's the issue! I expect we'll have to wait until sometime *after* HS4 is finalized......
      HS4 Pro Edition (Linux - Debian 10) running on Lenovo ThinkCenter
      Plugins: Z-Wave, SDJHealth
      Z-Wave via Nortek USB stick
      HA 2021.3.4 running on HA "Blue" ODROID-N2
      Add-ons: Android Debug Bridge, AdGuard Home, Duck DNS, ESPHome, File Editor, Glances, Home Assistant Google Drive Backup, InfluxDB, Log Viewer, MariaDB, Mosquitto broker, NGINX SSL Proxy, Node-RED, Portainer, SSH & Web Terminal , Samba, TasmoAdmin, UniFi Controller, Visual Studio Code, WireGuard, Z-Wave JS 2 MQTT
      Integrations: AccuWeather, Adaptive Lighting, Alexa Media Player, Entity Controller, Glances, HACS, HomeSeer, Insteon, IPP, Life360, Local IP, Logitech Harmony Hub, Magic Areas, Mobile App, MQTT, Nest, OpenWeather, Ubiquiti UniFi, Zigbee
      Insteon: 2413S Dual Band PLM
      Zigbee: zzh! CC2652R Rev A
      Z-Wave: RaZberry daughtercard on RPi 1B via ser2net