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Controlling a virtual device / scene controller

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    Controlling a virtual device / scene controller

    I have a Lutron Grafik Eye controller for low-voltage lights which is not directly HA integrated. It has four scenes, plus an Off selection button.

    Using a Global Cache IP2IR and the UltraGCIR3 plugin I am able to control the device directly and send scene commands.

    I set up a virtual device, added a slider from 0-4 which is Control Use: Dim (screenshot attached)

    Then I set up events for each value of the slider to trigger the corresponding IR commands (screenshot attached)

    I'm struggling though with how to integrate this properly with Alexa. In Alexa the dimmable device is shown with a 0-100 slider, which I can't really map properly to the virtual device. Do I need to create a separate virtual device for each scene press I want to do?

    Any other ideas for how I can get this working properly?