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Changes to Alexa and Google Home Device Discovery

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    Originally posted by macromark View Post
    should be within a week... that's what we are shooting for.

    Our changes affect the discovery process, so this doesn't appear to be part of that. Post a note to the JowiHUE forum to see if Wim might be able to help.
    Yes, I did that if you check the link in my original post (where we were discussing this with Wim). Wim thinks the problem is part of the new Alexa control.

    With Jowihue, it seems my hue bulbs are added to Alexa as the root device so when i ask Alexa to control it, she tries to control all the child devices (on/off, brightness, color, hue) and then the light just freaks out. At least, that's what appears to be happening. This was all working fine a couple of months ago.


      macromark do you know if the changes made to the google-HS integration also created thoses issues:

      1- virtual switches with voice command activated make the devices finding in google to crash (as soon as I remove the voice command to ANY virtual swtich that were created in HS3, the discovery goes through but if I put back the voice command to ANY virtual switch created prior HS4 (not being features) the integration crashes)

      2- some recently installed regular dimmers either with features or not are being discovered BUT are "Off line " in google home, any switches created prior HS4 are working

      Version=HS4 Pro Edition (Windows)
      OS=Microsoft Windows 10 Famille - Work Station


        @marcomark do you already know when the update is launched. Earlier you mentioned between 23-28/3. As to now I suspect that improvements and testing takes longer as expected. Can you give me some hope that Alexa en Google home will work soon. I use both and I am able to use some basic functions but I am not pleased with the current situation.



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