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Two HS Skills?

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    Two HS Skills?

    So, I have not tired to get HS to work with Alexa for some time. I'm looking now and I seem to have two skills. One has a color icon the other is just blue. Which one am I supposed to use? Why two? I also noticed that even if I disabled both of them the devices still show in my list. TWICE! I can't figure out how to get rid of them and 'start over'.... Any advice would be appreciated....

    From what I understand the "Smart Home Skill" allows native control of devices, but is limited to using Amazon's command syntax. As in "Alex, turn on <hsdevicename>"

    The other, the Homeseer skill, requires using the skill 'tell' syntax. As in, "Alexa, tell Homeseer to <performvoicecommand>".


      The big problem I’ve always had with HomeSeer/Alexa integis that Alexa cannot discover many of my devices. Does one or the other of the two skills do a better job at that?


        You need to only enable the voice command on the root device and it only works with lights, tstats, and door locks at the moment.


          That this was helpful. It is really confusing because in the Alexa app it only says 'homeseer'. If you drill into the one you do then see the 'smarhome' description, but the other is pretty blank. Thanks for the Link Rupp.Click image for larger version

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            I must be doing something wrong, but the Alexa skills in HomeSeer have always been flaky for me.

            The most irritating thing is that Alexa can discover some devices but not others. I have been over and over the HomeSeer configuration, comparing how the devices that get discovered are configured compared to the devices that do not get discovered. I cannot find a difference.

            Same thing for the Alexa discovery of scenes. Alexa finds some, but does not find others.


            Here is the Edit scene dialog for my Timed Lighting On scene in HomeSeer:

            Click image for larger version

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            And here is the Edit scene dialog for my Timed Lighting Off scene in HomeSeer:

            Click image for larger version

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            Note that in both cases, the Voice Command field is specified.

            But here is the list of scenes that Alexa is discovering. Note that it discovers Timed Lighting On, but does NOT discover Timed Lighting Off, even though they are configured the same! Comes across as very flaky to me. Is there some other level of settings for scenes in HomeSeer that I'm missing?

            Click image for larger version

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            Also, notice that Alexa discovers the Kitchen & Den Off scene. Now look at it's edit dialog and note that the Voice Command field is NOT specified. But yet it gets discovered by Alexa!

            Click image for larger version

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            I also have a bone to pick with Amazon regarding Alexa operation. I make heavy use of Alexa routines, as I find this is the best way to create very friendly vocal commands. Just configure an Alexa routine to be activated by whatever voice phrase you like, then in the Action section, have it control HomeSeer devices and scenes (at least those it can see).

            In trying to diagnose the many problems with Alexa not discovering HomeSeer devices and scenes, some of the forum suggestions have said to try disabling the HomeSeer skills in Alexa, then re-enabling them. But my experience is that when you disable the HomeSeer skill, Alexa automatically "edits" all Alexa routines that access HomeSeer devices and scenes, auto deleting those action steps from the Alexa routine. So trying to troubleshoot in this manner basically destroys 40-50 Alexa routines! ARGH!

            What I would like to see if Amazon add the ability to download your Alexa routines in some sort of format (XML, json, text file, etc.) that would allow you to save the routines and restore them later by uploading this save file. Then, disabling the HomeSeer skill and re-enabling it would not cause so much manual work (re-writing all Alexa routines).


              I do not make use of Alexa routines.

              The point you make about it dynamically altering them is among the reasons why. They're trying to make it 'easy' but in the process they've made it very difficult to do complicated things and even more difficult to debug.

              Just SIMPLE THINGS like sorting or filtering of devices in the app! I've got hundreds of devices it's SUPER ANNOYING to be unable to even sort them in the app. The website does let you sort, but doesn't let you see device details!

              I get the distinct feeling amazon is angling to provide "everything" on their side. And, for many users that wouldn't be problem. But for those of us that want local processing... well, there you can see where I dislike depending on Amazon's online routines.

              So for now it's been a very convenient way to get voice controls. I'd dump them if something as effectively integrated existed. There doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon that's even close. Lots of things you can 'lash together' but my patience for that kind of DIY has long since passed.