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GH not reponding to "Tell" after firmware update

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  • GH not reponding to "Tell" after firmware update

    Before the latest (and greatest) firmware update (85114) I could tell Google Home to "Tell Harmony to turn on TV" and it would. The same with HomeSeer. I could use "Tell" now only responds to "Ask".

    Now when I use "Tell" she respond with "Sorry I don't know how to help with that."

    I was looking back on some online information and Ask/Tell was used interchangeable.

    The problem is we all leaned to use Ask/Tell and most of the family used Tell so we have yet another learning curve.

    I feel sure it was and over sight of the Google Engineers...

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    Re: GH not reponding to "Tell" after firmware update


    Right about the time I started realizing the differences between how GH responds when using either ask or tell I noticed it stopped responding as well.
    {"Ok, Google ask HomeSeer to turn on the desk lamp." I get "That command was not found on the device". It will accept "Ok, Google ask HomeSeer to turn the desk lamp on." However, if I say, "Ok, Google tell HomeSeer to turn on the lamp." It accepts it.}
    It also happened close to when they released Multi-user access. If I remember correctly a few hours after I turned multi-user on it stopped accepting the "tell" command.

    You mentioned the firmware 85114 - I also confirmed I am on that firmware. I tried searching for some type of release notes - couldn't come up with any - have you run across any release notes for GH Firmware?


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      Well, GH this morning is responding to Tell...